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GloFish 5 Gallon Crescent Aquarium Kit

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Item Height:13.2 IN

Item Length:16.5 IN

Item Width:11.25 IN

Volume:5 GAL


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GloFish 5 Gallon Crescent Aquarium Kit

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Crystal clear, curved front side with a convenient feeding hole on the canopy. Black base adds to the overall look. Detachable LED light with an on/off switch. Air-pump drives the bubbling light and filter.

  • Blue LED bubbling light
  • Tetra Whisper internal filter with a Bio-Bag cartridge
  • Air-pump drives the bubbling light and filter

The GloFish 5 Gallon Crescent Aquarium Kit is a small desktop fish tank that will help your fish stand out in a very unique way. This aquarium includes special blue LEDs that will light up fluorescent fish and décor, making them glow. The size of this desktop aquarium makes it an ideal tank for small fish like zebra danios or tetras. The GloFish 5 Gallon Crescent Aquarium Kit gives you the ability to turn your desktop aquarium into a fluorescence wonderland. When you switch on the blue LEDs, they will cause certain colors to fluoresce, or glow. If you have fluorescent or brightly colored fish in your tank, their natural colors will shine in a new and amazing way. The GloFish 5 Gallon Crescent Aquarium Kit is the perfect size to function as a desktop fish tank. When you add brightly colored accessories and fluorescent accented aquarium gravel (sold separately), your desktop aquarium will be complete. You can place your aquarium on your desk at work, a countertop in your home or even in your college dorm. This aquarium can fit almost anywhere, and it is sure to look great wherever you put it. This desk top fish tank comes with a Tetra Whisper internal filter and a Bio-Bag cartridge to help keep the water in the tank clean and healthy. The Whisper internal filter is designed to run quietly, so you can focus on the pleasing visual of your fish. The aquarium itself has a curved front side and offers a seamless view of your friendly fish. The black base helps highlight the bright glow of your fish and décor under the LEDs. If you ever want to see your aquarium in a normal light, you can turn off or detach the LEDs. Remember to use a heater for tropical fish.