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Fluval Spec Aquarium Kit

SKU: 1409018
Brand: Hagen
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Item Height:10 IN

Item Length:7.25 IN

Item Width:9.25 IN

Volume:2 GAL

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Fluval Spec Aquarium Kit

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Comes with a powerful circulation pump with adjustable output nozzle and a large 3-stage filtration system that provides more than enough filtration for exceedingly clean and clear water.

  • Includes ample lighting - 31 LED illuminate your fish and decor
  • Pump and filtration system are conveniently located in a separate chamber
  • Comes with all the necessary filter media
  • 2 gallon capacity - ideal for a spacious Betta fish tank
  • Comes with all the necessary filter media
  • 2 gallon capacity - ideal for a spacious Betta fish tank
  • Fluval Spec Aquarium Kit, 2 gallons

Keep your small fish happy and healthy in the Fluval Spec Aquarium Kit. This all-inclusive nano-tank is complete and compact, ideal for use as a countertop or desktop fish tank. The space-saving design features a base that measures just 7 1/4" long by 9 1/4" wide. The 2-gallon capacity is absolutely ideal for a Betta fish tank; your finned friend will have plenty of room to swim all around! Though it may appear small in stature, the Fluval Spec Aquarium Kit is big on great features. This desktop fish tank is designed with a powerful circulation pump and adjustable output nozzle. The easy-to-maintain 3-stage filtration system provides plenty of power to keep your water exceedingly clean and clear. Filtration media comes ready to go with your desktop fish tank: a porous foam pad, activated carbon and BioMax bio-rings provide effective mechanical, chemical and biological filtration. The Fluval Spec Aquarium Kit is a sleek and stunning Betta fish tank that will complement any space. The compact tank camouflages the air pump and filtration systems in the back chamber with beautifully etched glass. The frosted glass surface elegantly hides any unsightly equipment, so you can spend your time enjoying the tranquility of your elegant Betta fish tank. Black and metal highlights coupled with etched glass make this aquarium a splendid, modern addition that will surely suit any style of décor. An overhead lamp fitted with 31 LEDs provides ample lighting for your aquarium. The lamp arcs above the tank, providing brilliant illumination for fish, plants and décor. LED lamps offer a number of advantages compared to incandescent and fluorescent aquarium lighting; they are more energy efficient and produce less excess heat which can alter water temperature.