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Flightless Fruit Flies- d.melanogaster

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Flightless Fruit Flies- d.melanogaster

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Flightless Fruit Flies- Drosophila melanogaster. Fruit fly cultures are shipped overnight with 50-100 adult flies and will continue to produce flies for about 5 weeks.

  • Completely flightless
  • Available in both D. melanogaster (smaller size similar to a pinhead cricket) and D. hydei (larger size approximately 1/8") varieties.
  • Just pop the top of the container and shake some out for each feeding.
  • Great for small reptiles, amphibians, arachnids, other insects, and even fish.

Sure, they’re called “flies”, but the great thing is – they can’t fly! You can keep tubes of these great little flies without any escapees buzzing around! A wide variety of reptiles, fish and amphibians require smaller prey – you can give them just what they need with our flightless fruit flies. We offer two sizes: D. Melanogaster which are about the size of a pinhead cricket, approximately 1/16”, and D. Hydei which are a little larger, at 1/8” in size. Both varieties are shipped in a four vial pack with approximately 50 to 100 flies per vial, and each vial will continue to produce flies for up to six weeks! Your pets get all the natural taste, nutrition, and fun of fruit flies, without the wings.