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Coralife Aquarium Chiller

SKU: 1589245
Brand: Coralife
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Coralife Aquarium Chiller

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This chiller provides accurate temperature control w/the quality construction & durability you have come to expect. Titanium heat exchange won't corrode in saltwater.

  • Reusable air filter
  • Adjustable inline water chiller with rotating inlet and outlet connections
  • Comes with a limited 1 year warranty

Keep your aquarium cool with the Coralife Aquarium Chiller. This premium aquarium water chiller boasts all the must-have, easy-to-use features that you need to easily and accurately monitor and regulate your tank water’s temperature. Using an inline water chiller can protect your fish and other aquatic life from overly warm aquarium water. Regulating your tank’s temperature with an aquarium water chiller helps you keep your fish happy and healthy. Tank water can warm up because of excess heat from lights and pumps as well as hot weather. An inline water chiller is an efficient and effective tool for keeping your aquarium water at the best temperature for your aquarium inhabitants. The Coralife Aquarium Chiller is an efficient inline water chiller that sets up easily and is a breeze to use. The highly visible LED display lets you program your target temperature and then raise or lower it with just the push of a button. Your water will stay between +/- 2°F of your pre-set temperature. The aquarium water chiller’s adjustable inlet and outlet connectors can be rotated by unscrewing the water chamber caps to allow for hose attachment at any angle. When the caps are tightened, the compression gasket completely reseals the connection to prevent any leaks. The durable Coralife Aquarium Chiller features a titanium heat exchange that will not corrode in saltwater, making it an ideal accessory for marine as well as freshwater setups. A reusable air filter ensures the motor’s efficiency and longevity by blocking contaminants from entering the unit. You can easily remove the filter for cleaning and maintenance. All hardware required for this chiller’s operation is included for easy setup and installation near your tank. This chiller is available in different sizes so you can find the one that best fits your aquarium. It comes with a limited 1 year warranty.