EHEIM Automatic Feeding Unit

Petco Auto Fish Feeder

$19.99 $11.99
Hydor Ekomixo Digital Aquarium Feeder

$39.99 $23.99
Sera Feed A Plus Automatic Feeder

$44.99 $26.99
API Vacation Fish Feeder

$3.99 $2.39
Tetra Vacation Tropical Slow Release Feeder

$3.99 to $4.99 $2.39 to $2.99
More options available
Penn Plax Crab Shape Vacation Fish Feeder

$2.99 $1.79
Omega One Super Veggie Seaweed Clip

$2.99 $1.79
Penn Plax Spirulina Shell Shape Vacation Fish Feeder
$3.99 $2.39
Penn Plax Star Shape Vacation Fish Feeder

$3.99 $2.39
Ocean Nutrition Feeding Frenzy Seaweed Clips
$5.99 $3.59
Penn Plax Fish Shape Vacation Fish Feeder

$3.99 to $4.99 $2.39 to $2.99
More options available
Lifegard Aquatics Intelli-Feed Automatic Fish Feeder

$79.99 $47.99

Consistent Feeding and Regular Proportions with Automatic Fish Feeders

Fish are considered low-maintenance as they don't require much attention, frequent handling or need to be taken out for a walk periodically throughout the day. While their tanks need routine maintenance, the only regular requirement fish have is to be fed. It's not just important to feed your fish on a routine basis, but it's important to provide them with the right proportion of food as too much food can lead to bloating and clog your filters and skimmers, while too little food will leave your fish hungry. This is why there are automatic fish feeders that have been developed to not only feed your fish while you're away, but some feeders can even be programmed to feed your fish consistent proportions of fish food. Whether you're planning to spend a weekend out of town or you're going on vacation, there is an assortment of automatic fish feeders available to ensure your fish are taken care of while you're away from home.

Designed to keep floating fish food from dispersing throughout the surface of your aquarium, there are feeding rings and feeding stations for both fresh and saltwater aquariums. These accessories help to make feeding easier, while also inhibiting the food from being wasted and possibly clogging your tank filters or skimmers. To ensure your fish are fed while you're either busy or away, there are various types of feeders that slowly dispense fish food for up to 10 days. In the form of shells, pyramids and blocks, these automatic fish feeders slowly dissolve as they dispense food to your fish. Among these types of feeders is the Tetra Vacation Tropical Slow Release Feeder that allows your fish to eat when they are hungry and has a unique gel formula that will not cause your aquarium water to become cloudy.

Ideal for use either everyday or while you're on vacation is the Petco Auto Fish Feeder. This feeder can be programmed to accurately dispense both flake or granule fish food to your fish up to four times daily. There is also the Fish Mate F14 Aquarium Fish Feeder that allows for both daytime and night-time feeding. In addition to these two innovative automatic fish feeders is the EHEIM Automatic Feeding Unit that features user-friendly digital programming and different feeding intervals. Find the automatic fish feeder that will best accommodate your needs and the needs of fish today.