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Air KONG Dumbbell Squeaker Dog Toy

SKU: 419818
Brand: KONG
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Air KONG Dumbbell Squeaker Dog Toy

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Air KONG Dumbbell Squeaker Dog Toy

  • Available in the variety of sizes - find the right one for your dog
  • KONG dog toy looks and feels like a tennis ball
  • Bright and durable toy your dog is sure to love
  • KONG squeaker toy with protected internal squeaker
  • Non-abrasive, non-toxic felt cover for your dog's comfor
  • Ideal toy for a fun game of fetch with your furry family member

Make some noise with Air KONG Dumbbell Squeaker Dog Toys! Each KONG squeaker toy is specially designed to help you and your furry family member enjoy a fun game of fetch. Throw out this KONG dog toy and watch your dog bring it back, squeaking all the way. This KONG dog toy has the same texture and look of a classic tennis ball, and the unique dumbbell shape and squeaker take it to the next level of fun. Fun and games are absolutely essential for keeping your dog happy and healthy. Games help to exercise your dog’s body and mind. They focus energy, encourage positive behaviors and strengthen the bond between pet and pet parent. One way you can engage your dog in fun games and activities is by using durable and entertaining toys like Air KONG Dumbbell Squeaker Dog Toys. This Air KONG squeaker toy combines two things that many dogs love: squeakers and tennis balls. Tennis ball-like felt covers the entire KONG dog toy, and the dumbbell has two tennis ball shapes at the ends. The tennis ball material is ideal because it won’t wear down your dog’s teeth. The squeaker is hidden inside the toy, giving the toy a clean and finished look while also ensuring that you get longer use out of the KONG squeaker toy. Many dogs love squeaker toys in particular because the sounds acts as positive reinforcement, rewarding the dog for a toy well chewed. The unique shape of Air KONG Dumbbell Squeaker Dog Toys gives them an erratic bounce. Every throw could results in a new, fun bounce path that is sure to keep dogs on their toes.