Coralife T5 Mini 10,000K Daylight Fluorescent Aquarium Lamp, 6 Watts

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6 Watt, 9"; Length, Casts sparkling bright white rays. Provides high lumen output to simulate the midday tropical sun.

  • True Actinic blue light peaks at 420 nanometers
  • For saltwater environments
  • Fits Mini Aqualight T5 & other similar T5 fixtures

Developed to provide aquariums with rich and ample lighting, the Coralife T5 Mini 10,000K Daylight Fluorescent Aquarium Lamp is versatile enough to suit a wide assortment of freshwater and saltwater aquariums. These mini fluorescent fish tank lights cast sparkling bright white rays, which provide high lumen output to simulate the midday tropical sun within your aquatic environment. This special Coralife fluorescent aquarium replacement light bulb contains rare-earth color-enhancing phosphors to emit sparkling blue-white rays that aid in creating the perfect setting for your fish, plants and other aquatic life. These innovative fluorescent lamps are energy-efficient and are engineered to provide superior performance as well as to have a long life. Using the highest quality materials available to ensure consistently rich and luminous color, these Coralife T5 fluorescent aquarium lamps help to provide your aquarium with optimal aquatic lighting. Ideal for both saltwater and freshwater aquatic environments, these replacement lamps are an excellent choice for practically any aquarium. These Coralife T5 Mini 10,000K Mini Daylight Fluorescent Lamps are designed to fit the Aqualight T5 fixture and other similar T5 fixtures.