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Coralife Lunar Aqualight Quad T5 HO Aquarium Light Fixture

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Coralife Lunar Aqualight Quad T5 HO Aquarium Light Fixture

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Each Lunar Aqualight fixture includes high output T5 lamps and directional LED moonlights, making these fixtures a great choice for saltwater reef aquariums.

  • Fish tank lights that feature quick disconnect ballasts and cooling fan
  • Has separate power cords for daylight lamps, actinic lamps, and moonlight LEDs
  • Comes with adjustable mounting brackets
  • A great choice of aquarium lighting for saltwater reef tanks

Introducing the CoralifeLunar Aqualight Quad T5 High Output Light Fixture from Coralife - an innovative and exciting way for you to simulate daily moonlight for your fish, reef inhabitants, plants and other aquatic life. Each Lunar Aqualight aquarium lighting fixture includes four high-output T5 lamps along with directional LED moonlights, which can be positioned to add a shimmering effect on the water, just as it is naturally. In addition, these versatile LED fish tank lights can be set to provide your saltwater reef with an even distribution of moonlight, which altogether make this light fixture an excellent choice for saltwater and reef aquariums. Boasting separate power cords for individual control of daylight, actinic and moonlight LEDs, this Coralife lunar light fixture also includes quick disconnect ballasts along with a cooling fan and adjustable mounting brackets. For added protection, there is an acrylic splash guard, and the aluminum housing bears a powder-coated finish. By simulating the moonlight reflecting on to your saltwater reef aquarium, you will be able to bring home the beauty and splendor or the ocean, which will leave you and other onlookers absolutely fascinated.