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Clevercat Custom Heavy-Duty Jumbo Liners

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Clevercat Custom Heavy-Duty Jumbo Liners

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Clevercat Custom Heavy-Duty Jumbo Liners

  • Made especially for Clevercat Top Entry Litterbox
  • Made in the USA
  • Heavy-duty litter pan liners
  • Large cat litter bags

Cat litter can be heavy and messy, which is why it is a good idea to use large litter bags. Clevercat Custom Heavy-Duty Jumbo Liners are just the right fit for your Clevercat Top Entry Litterbox. Take care of your cat’s waste with no hassle or mess. Clevercat Custom Heavy-Duty Jumbo Liners are very strong cat litter bags that will resist tearing under the weight of heavy cat litter. Each litter pan liner is large enough to comfortably fit most sizes of cat litter box, especially your Celvercat Top Entry Litterbox. Using larger cat litter bags can make it easier for you to carry out and dispose of used litter without any messy or unpleasant spills. Larger liners are also more resistant to bunching. A bunched litter pan liner can make the chore of litter box cleaning even less enjoyable than it already is! While Clevercat Custom Heavy-Duty Jumbo Liners can be used with different litter boxes, these cat litter bags are specially designed for the Clevercat Top Entry Litterbox. If you own a Clevercat Top Entry Litterbox, you may come to find that not every litter pan liner available can fit the large contours of the box. These liners from Clevercat are made to form fit the Clevercat Top Entry Litterbox, to keep litter tightly contained. Litter box liners are something you shouldn’t have to struggle with. Instead of battling liners that are too thin or too small, use these jumbo liners and spend more time playing with or petting your adorable feline companion. There are enough stressors in life; don’t add litter box liners to your list! These liners are made in the United States.