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Kaytee Quick & Clean Small Animal Shampoo Spray

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8 in 1 FerretSheen Deodorizing Ferret Shampoo
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Natural Chemistry Waterless Bath for Ferrets & Small Animals

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guinea pig, rabbit, ferret and small animal shampoo

Browse Petco’s selection of guinea pig, ferret and other small animal shampoo and keep your furry small animal healthy and clean. Since small animals like ferrets have delicate skin with different needs from humans, it important to wash it with a shampoo formulated for their unique needs. Ferrets and other small animals require a fine tuned pH balance within any shampoo or spray used, so you can make sure your bath’s don’t do more harm than good. Small animals like guinea pigs and rabbits should not be washed frequently even with a small animal shampoo, since these products can strip many natural oils important to their health and cause painful itchiness and hot spots. If you do need to use guinea pig shampoo, make sure your pet is thoroughly dried afterwards, since they are very susceptible to pneumonia and ear infections. Bathing a bunny with rabbit shampoo and water can also cause them to panic and accidentally hurt themselves if you are not careful. As you carry out your bunny bath, it is vital to closely monitor them as your lather and rinse off rabbit shampoo since they are known to go into possibly deadly shock episodes or die from sudden heart attacks.

If you want to refresh your pet’s coat periodically, you can also use guinea pig and rabbit spray shampoo to gently clean, condition and deodorize your small animal. And because massaging is an important part of using dry guinea pig and rabbit shampoo, many pets can even come to look forward to their H2O free baths.

As a new owner, you may be tempted to go to town with a wet ferret shampoo. Unfortunately, this could make your odor problem worse since their skin and oil glands will certainly try to make up for the oils stripped by whichever ferret shampoo you decide to use. You can also try dry ferret shampoo in between baths, if you want to quickly give your pet a hassle-free spritz.