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Kaytee Hay & Food Bin Feeder
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Kaytee Hay Buffet
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Kaytee Critter Trail Food Dispenser
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Kaytee Small Animal Natural Hay Manger Feeder

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Pet Feeder, Hay Rack and Small Animal Feeder for Keeping Your Small Animal Pet Companions Fed

From excitable guinea pigs and affectionate chinchillas to intelligent pet rats and mischievous ferrets, a variety of small animals make for excellent pet companions. While each species varies in their preference for human handling, attention and food, all pets depend on their pet parents for the proper care. In addition to spacious cages and plenty of water, pets need a pet feeder stocked with a fresh supply of nutritionally balanced food to keep them healthy. As most small animal pet food blends consist of a mix of seeds, nuts, berries and a variety of grains, many pet parents opt for a type of small animal feeder that is easy to use as well as easy to maintain, such as a gravity pet feeder. Since most types of gravity feeders typically hold more than one day's worth of food, they allow for pet parents to rest assured knowing that their small animal pet companions will have access to food throughout the day. Meanwhile, a type of hay rack or holder is also suggested for rabbits, guinea pigs and other small animal pet companions. Keep your hamsters, chinchillas, or pet mice happy, healthy and well-fed by providing them with the type of small animal feeder that is best for them. Get a gravity bin feeder or spinning hay rack today from the selection available online at Petco.com!

Designed to keep your pet's hay sanitary and off the floor of his cage, the Petco Hay Rack is the perfect cage accessory for rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas and other hay-eating pets. To keep your small furry friends occupied, there is the Super Pet Rollin' The Hay Spinning Hay & Salad Dispenser. Developed for versatility, this hay dispenser can be utilized as a free-standing dispenser, mounted on to your pet's cage or left as a free-wheeling ball of fun. A popular pet feeder used within many small animal cages is a Gravity Bin Feeder, which easily mounts to your pet's cage for easy feeding. Large enough to hold up to five days of food for most small animal pet companions; this small animal feeder helps to bring convenience to keeping your pets fed. There is also the Prevue Hendryx Green Metal Gravity Bin Feeder, which boasts an all metal design and a mesh feed trough that sifts away dust from your pet's food. Find the best feeder for your little furry friends today at Petco.com!