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You & Me Rat Manor Habitat

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Kaytee Rat Home

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Rat & Mouse Cages for Sale | Cages for Rats & Mice

Shop Petco’s wide range of rat and mouse cages for sale to give your rascally rodents a stimulating and secure home.

Choosing an appropriate rat cage is one of the most important decisions for your pet’s well-being. Fortunately, many of the rat cages available at Petco contain must-have features. Rat cages should have enough space for them to move and stretch out, which are at least two feet for each inhabitant. Wire cages are ideal in that they provide adequate cross-ventilation, which is important to your pet’s health. Since rats are excellent escape artists, the mesh needs to be narrow enough so they can’t squeeze through. Additionally, the habitat should have a solid and deep chew-resistant bottom. This makes it easier on your pet’s feet and helps keep their bedding from spilling onto your carpet or floor.

If you want a clever critter on a smaller scale, then mice make excellent pets. As with rats, many of the same requirements apply when choosing a mouse cage. You’ll find that Petco’s selection of mouse habitats caters to the needs of your squeaky sidekick. Since mice are smaller, their homes should provide at least one foot of cubic space for every pet. They’ll also need proper ventilation, a solid, chew-resistant bottom and be secure since these little fellows are furry Houdinis.

There are other considerations to make when choosing a rat or mouse cage. Both pets are active so select a rat or mouse cage that has enough room to hang up a hammock, install ramps or tubes to keep them engaged. Further, powder-coated wire cages resist rust and corrosion and tend to last longer than unfinished habitats.

Once you are ready to give these furry friends an interactive and secure home, make sure to select one of Petco’s many rat and mouse cages for and accessories for sale.