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Midwest Guinea Habitat Plus Guinea Pig Cage

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Midwest Guinea Habitat Guinea Pig Cage

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You & Me Guinea Pig Starter Kit
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guinea pig cages for sale at Petco: cages for guinea pigs

Keeping your small animal active and engaged is easy thanks to the many guinea pig cages for sale at Petco. Before picking up your new pet, make sure to establish how many guinea pigs you will care for and where you will keep their cage. Most guinea pigs acclimate easily to average household temps, but will need to be monitored and have their cage relocated during extreme temperature changes. Before committing to a location, remember that you should never keep their cage in direct sunlight or in a drafty area, as they will cause health problems for your guinea pigs.

Since they are social animals, keeping at least two guinea pigs in a cage is strongly recommended. Just remember that your cage should be big enough to accommodate everything you need for the health and happiness of your guinea pigs. Smaller guinea pig cages, on the other hand, are ideal if you are quarantining a pet or if you are prepping a new friend for your existing group of small animals. How many guinea pigs you place in your cages, and the temperament of each one, will determine the quantity, size and placement of their water bottles and food bowls.

Although most of the cages for guinea pigs available offer plastic and leak-proof bottoms, it’s best to provide one to two inches of bedding for the comfort and health of your pets. Switch out wet spots daily and change out bedding twice a week, to ensure your guinea pig cage is as fresh and comfortable as possible for your small animals.

To help prevent stress and boredom, strive to strike the perfect balance of chews and toys in your guinea pig cage. Too few can cause guinea pigs to get bored and begin chewing on their plastic accessories, while too many can make them feel overwhelmed, crowded and cramped.