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Midwest Ferret Nation Double Unit with Stand Ferret Cage

$289.19 save 4%
Midwest Ferret Nation Single Unit with Stand Ferret Cage

$174.39 save 13%

ferret cages for sale at Petco: browse and buy the best ferret cages for your pets

Browse ferret cages for sale at Petco and provide your small animals with an interactive and comfortable home. As they are naturally curious and smart critters, ferrets will sometimes get themselves into quite a bit of mischief as they explore uncaged areas. For this reason, many pet parents look for ferret cages that can keep these small animals contained while they are unsupervised.

Some starter kit and ferret cage varieties include many of the basics your pet will need like a food bowl, litter pan, water bottle and a bed. Although these options can be a great value and perfect introduction for your young ferret into their new home, you may eventually consider increasing their cage space or swapping out their accessories as you learn about their preferences. Some ferret cages feature additional add-on stories for sale, so you can slowly increase the size of your habitat as your pets grow in size or number.

Because ferrets have been known to sleep for over 15 hours of the day, their cage should be made to accommodate their resting habits. Many of the best ferret cages feature high ceilings, so your furry pal can snuggle into an elevated hammock or sleep sack. To prevent health problems, it is best to also include tunnels and a variety of toys to combat cage boredom. For easier cleanups and a more comfortable surface for their paws, you should also add ferret litter to their cage floor.

The time they spend outside of their cage is just as important as time spent in their enclosed habitat, so be sure to allot four hours of supervised time in a ferret-proofed area. Make use of the time your ferret spends out and about their cage by including playing and bonding with your new pet.