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Using a Sand Scoop and Other Hermit Crab Habitat Supplies for Excellent Hermit Crab Care and Maintenance

When it comes to the health of pet hermit crabs, many pet parents take hermit crab care seriously and provide their hermit crabs with the food, salt water and sand needed that is necessary for sustaining comfortable living conditions. As feeding and watering your pet hermit crab on a daily basis is an important part of hermit crab care, maintaining the cleanliness and safety of his hermit crab habitat, sand and water is just as important. As uneaten hermit crab food, along with uneaten fruits and vegetables can lead to bacterial growth, which can be harmful to your pet hermit crab, it is imperative that all uneaten food is removed for your hermit crab habitat prior to it decaying or spoiling. Furthermore, the décor and food and water dishes within your pet crab’s habitat must cleaned on a regular basis, while the sand must be kept clean as well. Fortunately, there is a special sand scoop for terrariums and crab habitats that makes the removal of pet waste, food and other debris simple. Promote the health and well-being of your fun-loving hermit crabs with proper tank maintenance and excellent hermit crab care.

To prevent pet waste and uneaten food from attracting unwanted visitors, there are hermit crab maintenance accessories, such as the Zoo Med Hermit Crab Scooper. This special sand scoop has been designed to easily and effectively sift and scoop out waste from the sand within your pet crab’s habitat. Additionally, it even has a flat scooping surface that allows you to thoroughly clean the entire surface of your crab habitat, even hard to reach corners. For your added convenience, this sand scoop is equipped with a hole on its handle for hanging, which makes storing it a breeze.

It’s important to note that not all hermit crabs require the same care—as there are some species of hermit crabs that cannot live without a small dish of saltwater within their hermit crab habitat, there are some species of hermit crabs that are extremely sensitive to being watered and bathed. To ensure the safety of all hermit crabs, there are water treatments, such as Zoo Med Hermit Crab Salt Water Conditioner. Furthermore, there is Zoo Med Hermit Crab Drinking Water Conditioner that safely removes chlorine and ammonia from hermit crab drinking water, while also adding essential electrolytes to promote hydration. Keep your hermit crabs healthy with regular maintenance today!