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Petco Araceae Terrarium Plant Reptile Decor
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$9.99 to $14.99
$5.49 to $8.29 save up to 45%
Penn Plax Reptology Life Science Turtle-Topper Above-Tank Basking Platform

$48.19 save 20%
Exo-Terra Mandarin Jungle Plant

$2.19 save 45%
Zoo Med Turtle Docks
More options available

$14.99 to $39.99
$9.79 to $25.99 save up to 35%
Fluker's Spring Loaded Reptile Bamboo Bars

$8.49 save 35%
Exo-Terra Primate Skull Hideaway

$12.99 save 35%
Zoo Med Lizard Ladder

$4.59 save 34%
Zoo Med Naturalistic Terrarium Mushroom Ledge

$7.69 save 45%
T-Rex Terra Accents Lichen Sticks

$3.29 save 34%
Exo-Terra Silk Ficus Jungle Plant

$4.99 save 44%
Zilla Reptile Rock Dens
More options available

$24.99 to $29.99
$13.79 to $22.59 save up to 45%
T-Rex Crab Island Climbing Background

$3.89 save 35%
SeaView Double-Sided Desert Dream & Deep Flora Terrarium Background
More options available

$8.99 to $12.99
$5.89 to $8.49 save up to 35%
Zilla Reptile Basking Platform Corner Ramps
More options available

$19.99 to $24.99
$12.99 to $16.99 save up to 35%
Penn Plax Reptology Life Science Floating Turtle-Pier Basking Platform
More options available

$14.99 to $24.99
$14.99 to $17.09 save up to 32%
Zoo Med Natural Full Cork Round Reptile Hideaway

$8.49 save 35%
Exo-Terra Silk Abutilon Jungle Plant

$4.99 save 44%
Conceptual Creations Bark Log Reptile Hideaway

$12.99 save 35%
Conceptual Creations Reptile Cave Hideaway, 13' L X 9' W X 5' H

$10.99 save 45%
Imagitarium Mossy Wood Branches
$6.49 save 35%
Zoo Med All Natural Hermit Crab Sea Sponge

$1.99 save 33%
Exo-Terra Amapallo Jungle Plant
More options available

$5.99 to $14.99
$3.29 to $8.29 save up to 45%
Exo-Terra Jungle Vine
More options available

$9.99 to $19.99
$5.49 to $10.99 save up to 45%
Conceptual Creations Mayan Cave Reptile Hideaway
$8.29 save 45%

reptile décor: terrarium plants, backgrounds & decorations

Shop Petco’s wide selection of reptile décor to provide them with a stimulating, yet comforting home. Just as there are a multitude of species to choose from, there are also limitless possibilities for their reptile décor and terrarium decorations. Whatever reptile you choose, their habitat needs to ensure their overall health and happiness.

Because every species has different needs, first time pet parents may want to do some research and consult their vet before landscaping with terrarium plants. Most snakes, for instance, require a hide box, branches or vines for climbing and resting and a slightly rough rock to aid in shedding their skin. To cover up unsightly cables and complete the natural aesthetic of their habitat, consider backing their tank with a matching backgrounds. In addition to mimicking their natural habitat, terrarium background can also help make it a more attractive addition to your home’s décor.

Pet lizards, like leopard geckos and bearded dragons, also require a specialized habitat to help them thrive. You’ll need to outfit their environments with reptile décor, like terrarium plants and backgrounds, to help them feel at home. Most lizards require somewhere to hide and a place to bask, and a terrarium background can help mimic their natural habitat and encourage their usual behaviors. Terrarium plants can make a welcome addition as they provide more places to hide and a natural feel. Further, for species that live in tropical environments, you may want to invest in a humidifier or an aeration device. These devices can help consistently regulate the humidity and keep you from having to constantly spray it with a water bottle.

Once you are ready, peruse Petco’s vast array of reptile décor to make a vibrant habitat for your pet.