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Imagitarium Thermometer Humidity Gauge Combo Pack

Imagitarium Round Thermometer Gauge


Reptile Lighting, Reptile Heat Lamps and Terrarium Heat Pads for a Warm and Cozy Habitat

With origins stemming from places with warmer climates, such as Australia, Southeast Asia and South America, many reptiles require housing that is adequately equipped with reptile lighting fixtures as these fixtures the mimic warm environments they’re used to. As many reptiles are often seen basking beneath reptile heat lamps, these external heating devices are not only enjoyed by many reptiles, but are necessary for proper bodily functioning. Being coldblooded, reptiles need terrarium heat pads or heat lamps in addition to cool, shady areas within their habitats to allow for proper thermoregulation. As basking beneath reptile heat lamps aid in increasing reptile body temperatures and providing them with the energy that is needed to remain active and for digesting their food, ornaments, décor, water and substrate aid in cooling down reptiles for when they become too warm or hot. This is why using the right combination of reptile lighting and heating devices and décor within your reptile cages and habitats is so important to keeping your herps healthy and happy. Whether you opt for the various lighting fixtures and heat lamps available or you prefer special terrarium heat pads, provide your pet reptile with the temperature control necessary for sustaining optimal reptile health and well-being.

Designed for easy use, terrarium heat pads help to maintain a hospitable climate for your herps. Available in four sizes, Zoo Med Repti-Therm UTH Under Tank Heaters have been designed to heat the ambient air within your terrarium, while there are Zilla Under Tank Reptile Heaters that are energy efficient and can be mounted either beneath or on the side of your terrarium. Meanwhile, there are Fluker’s Clamp Lamps, which are popular among many herpetoculturists, as these reptile heat lamps are available in three sizes, equipped with a professional-grade metal reflector, a spring-loaded, swivel head clamp and a polarized plug.

For simulating both day and nighttime light, there is a wide assortment of reptile lighting fixtures and UV bulbs, such as Zilla Night Heat Bulbs that are available in both black and red heat, for varying heat intensities. There are also Zilla Tropical 25 UVB Fluorescent 13-Watt Coil Bulbs and Zilla Tropical 25 UVB Fluorescent T8 Bulbs that provide full-spectrum light to recreate the lighting found in a tropical rainforest. Provide your pet reptiles with the heat necessary for sustaining their health and vitality with the fixtures, gauges and heating pads that are best for them.