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Zoo Med Forest Floor Bedding
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$9.99 to $24.99
$6.49 to $13.99 save up to 44%
Zoo Med Eco Earth Loose Coconut Fiber Substrate
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$10.99 to $19.99
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Zoo Med Eco Earth Compressed Coconut Fiber Expandable Substrate
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$4.99 to $9.99
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Zoo Med All Natural Reptile Terrarium Moss Substrate

$5.89 save 34%
Zoo Med Premium Repti Bark
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$9.99 to $24.99
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Zoo Med Aspen Snake Bedding
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$6.99 to $21.99
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T-Rex Terra Mix Forest Bed & Coconut Bark Reptile Substrate
$9.79 save 35%
Imagitarium Aspen Snake Bedding
$5.89 save 34%
Zoo Med Hermit Soil

$1.99 save 33%
T-Rex Terra Accents Sheet Moss

$3.29 save 34%
Zilla Aspen Lizard Litter
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$7.99 to $19.99
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Exo-Terra Moss Mat Terrarium Substrate
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$7.99 to $9.99
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Fluker's Repta-Bark Forest Floor Reptile Substrate

$5.89 save 34%
Imagitarium Terrestrial Turf Green Reptile Carpet
$5.19 save 35%
Exo-Terra Plantation Soil
$4.59 save 34%

Reptile Sand, Reptile Bedding and Terrarium Substrate for Your Reptile’s Comfort and Well-Being

It doesn’t take a seasoned herpetoculturist or reptile enthusiast to see that reptiles make for fascinating and wonderful pets. From the interesting way some reptiles move to their intriguing feeding behaviors and even their appealing good looks, reptiles amaze people in various ways. This is why it has been increasingly common for more homes to have a reptile or two. Furthermore, this is why there are many supplies available, such as reptile sand and other bedding material for their cages, habitats and terrariums. As excellent reptile care entails housing that is properly equipped for your herp’s comfort, it is important that you utilize the type of terrarium substrate that will best create a natural environment for your herp. Whether you have a King Snake or a Ball Python, in which a type of terrarium liner or Aspen reptile bedding is preferred, or you have a pet Green Tree Frog that prefers a bedding of moss, or an Inland Bearded Dragon, in which reptile sand is preferred, there is a variety of bedding materials available. Determine the needs of your pet reptile today and provide him with the type of reptile bedding that will make him a happy herp.

To alleviate reptile stress, it’s important to recreate their habitats and cages to mimic their natural home environments using the right type of terrarium substrate, décor and lighting equipment. Developed for herps that prefer higher levels of humidity, such as House Geckos, Tree Boas and both Asian Land and American Box Turtles, Zoo Med Premium Repti Bark is a natural terrarium substrate that helps to absorb and retain moisture for maximum humidity. Meanwhile, there is Zoo Med Aspen Snake Bedding, which is a preferred type of reptile bedding for snakes as it is 99.9% dust free, easy to clean and doesn’t contain any oils that can be harmful to snakes.

For a variety of lizard species and tortoises, there is reptile sand, such as Naturals Calci-Sand for Reptiles. Available in a variety of colors and even in sand that glows in the dark, this type of sand makes for a great substrate as it is non-toxic and provides your herp with the calcium that is necessary for adequate bone health. Whether you opt for moss, sand, compressed or loose coconut fiber, wooden mulch or shavings, or even a reptile liner, provide your herp with the substrate that is best suits his needs.