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Microbe-Lift Special Blend Aquarium Bacteria
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Seachem Purigen for Freshwater & Saltwater

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API Stress Zyme
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Instant Ocean Bio-Spira Start Up Nitrifying Bacteria Aquarium Additive
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Sera Plant Care Set
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Fluval Biological Enhancer
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Seachem Stability Water Conditioner

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PondCare Chlorine & Heavy Metal Neutralizer

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API PondCare Pond-Zyme Sludge Destroyer

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Kordon Fish Protector

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NutraFin Betta Plus Water Conditioner

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Imagitarium Herbal Ich Treatment, 4 oz.
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ATM Colony Professional Grade Nitrifying Bacteria Marine Aquarium Supplement
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Microbe-Lift Nite-Out II Nitrifying Aquarium Bacteria

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TetraPond Pond Fish Treatment
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API Goldfish Aquarium Cleaner
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Fluval Biological Cleaner
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Hydor Prodibio Biokit Nano Reef Maintenance Kit
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Aquabella Freshwater Aquarium Water Treatment System

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Hydor Prodibio AlkaReef Plus
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Hydor Prodibio Biodigest Freshwater & Marine Aquarium Supplement
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Kent Ammonia Detox Ammonia, Chloramine & Chlorine Neutralizer

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Kent Marine Concentrated Liquid Calcium
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PondCare MelaFix

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Water Conditioners, Aquarium Cloudy Water Fix and Aquarium Water pH Correction Solutions for Good Water Quality

Providing your fish with good water quality not only aids in relieving their stress, but also helps to prolong their life spans and promote their overall well-being. Water conditioners are necessary for the set up of both salt and freshwater aquariums as they help to make tap water safe for your fish and plants, while aquarium water pH correction products help to maintain a healthy balance of pH levels in your tank water. As an immediate solution for cloudy or murky water conditions, there are various aquarium cloudy water fix products available to keep your aquarium water crystal clear. As most aquarists know, there is no normal pH for all fish as various species of fish thrive under different pH levels. This is why there are aquarium water pH correction solutions that either increase or decrease the alkalinity and acidity levels of your tank water. Use a test kit to test your aquarium's water regularly and learn which water conditioners work best for your species of fish, as well as which aquarium cloudy water fix solutions will ensure a comfortable and stress-free environment for them.

Stress-free fish are happy and healthy fish. Fish are inclined to stress when they're unable to see where they're swimming, which is why aquarium cloudy water fix solutions are always handy to have around. As tap water contains various amounts of chlorine, chloramines and traces of heavy metals, water conditioners are necessary as they neutralize and detoxify the tap water. For fish that have lost their natural slimy layer due to stress, there are water conditioners and additives that help to replenish their protective slime coating. While most saltwater fish thrive in higher pH levels, most freshwater fish prefer lower pH levels. In an effort to reduce stress and balance your aquarium's pH levels, there are some aquarium water pH correction products that contain aloe vera, which is a proven natural stress reducer.

As fish and fish waste increase ammonia levels, they can be neutralized through various living bacteria and enzyme additives. There are even specific water conditioners for bowls housing Bettas, as some conditioners are specially formulated for ponds and marine tanks. In addition to keeping your tank water clean and clear with aquarium cloudy water fix solutions, you can help to promote the health, vitality and overall well-being of your fish friends with the right conditioners, additives and aquarium water pH correction products.