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Instant Ocean Aquarium Salt
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Instant Ocean Reef Crystals
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Tropic Marin Pro-Reef Salt
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Omega Sea Premium Marine Salt

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PondCare Pond Salt

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API Aquarium Salt
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Kordon Coral Sea Complete Marine Aquarium Salt Mix

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Sera Marin Reef Salt
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Tropic Marin Sea Salt
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Tropic Marin Bio-Actif Salt

Coralife Salt Bucket
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Aquarium Salt and Salt Water Aquarium Supplies for Your Salt Water Aquarium

From the brightly colored corals and invertebrates, live rock and tropical fish found within a reef aquarium to the beguiling charm of exotic saltwater fish within a marine aquarium, saltwater aquariums bring a sense of splendor to your home. As routine maintenance is required, there is an assortment of salt water aquarium supplies available to help preserve the beauty of your aquarium as well as the aquatic life it holds. Aquarists of all skill levels understand the notion of a fish tank simulating the conditions of its natural aquatic environment in order for the fish and other aquatic life to survive. Aquarium salt helps to replicate the ocean's environment within your fish tank along with other items, such as substrate, plants, and lighting. In addition to proper filtration, aquariums also require tap water that has been treated. Salt water aquarium supplies, such as Instant Ocean Reef Crystals, neutralize trace metals found in tap water, while providing calcium and trace elements for corals, anemones and other aquatic life to thrive. Maintain the water quality and proper pH levels of your reef or marine tank today with the right aquarium salt, kits and other supplies and ensure the health of your aquatic life

Aquarium salt is available in a variety of formulas designed to simulate the marine environment you are recreating. There is Instant Ocean Sea Salt that helps to achieve and maintain the ideal pH within your tank by containing necessary trace elements that are essential to marine life. Meanwhile, there is aquarium salt that is available in an all-natural sea salt mix that dissolves quickly for crystal clear water. When used in conjunction with other aquarium salt water supplies, Red Sea Salt helps even the rarest of corals and tropical fish thrive within your aquarium by replicating the tropical oceanic environment.

Keeping your fish stress-free is important to ensuring fish health and vitality. When stressed, fish lose electrolytes and healthy gill functionality, which is why there is an aquarium salt that has been naturally derived from sea water and promotes healthy gill function during times of stress. From Instant Ocean Reef Crystals that are ideal for reef aquariums with corals, anemones, invertebrates and coralline algae to premium salt mixes rich in nutrients and necessary minerals, find the salt water aquarium supplies necessary to preserving the beauty of your aquarium and the prolonging the life of your fish.