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Sera Flore 500 CO2 Active Reactor

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Gulfstream Tropical CO2 Cartridge Supply Set
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Gulfstream Tropical CO2 Disposable Cylinder
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Fish CO2 Systems & Aquarium CO2 Supplies from

Keep your aquarium plants happy and healthy with fish CO2 systems from Planted tanks are not only beautiful for aquascaping but essential for keeping some species of fish in their best condition. Aquarium plants are many and varied, yet they all need CO2 (carbon dioxide) to grow successfully.

In nature, aquatic plants can absorb CO2 from nutrient-rich soil as well as air constantly being dissolved in moving water. In aquariums, however, a regular supply of CO2 must be supplemented by aquarists. Aquarium CO2 supplies are important tools for keeping plants healthy and growing strong.

Fish CO2 systems provide dissolved carbon dioxide that aquarium plants need for photosynthesis. This process' name literally means "using light to make energy". In aquarium plants, CO2 is taken in with water and light and used to produce sugar (energy for the plant) and oxygen (the waste byproduct for the whole process). Of course, oxygen isn't wasteful; in fact, it's essential for healthy fish which draw oxygen from the water.

Essentially, aquarium CO2 supplies provide plants with the means to keep fish healthy. Without supplemental CO2, aquarium plants won't be able to use photosynthesis to make energy and provide oxygen for your fish.

Aquarium fish give off CO2 when they breathe, but it is usually not enough to sustain an entire tank of aquarium plants. Additional CO2 supplements are needed in most planted aquariums to keep plants healthy and constantly growing.

Fish can directly benefit from the use of aquarium CO2 supplies. Many types of aquarium fish (including tetras, barbs, discus, and dwarf gouramis, just to name a few) prefer well-planted tanks. Aquarium plants provide shelter, supply extra oxygen to the water, and contribute to chemical and biological filtration.

The types of fish CO2 systems best for your aquarium depend on your plants, fish, and other factors unique to your tank. Be sure to research the needs of your particular tank's fish and plants to choose the most appropriate system.