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Marineland Portrait Glass LED Aquarium Kit

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Aqueon MiniBow LED Desktop Fish Aquarium Kit in Black
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Elive Betta Bubble

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Aqueon MiniBow LED Desktop Fish Aquarium Kit in White
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Aqueon Betta Bowl Aquarium Kit in Black

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Imagitarium Freshwater Aquarium
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5 gallon fish tanks, aquariums & bowls with dimensions | Petco

Shop Petco’s wide selection of 5 gallon fish tanks and aquarium supplies to find the right fit for you. A five gallon fish tank adds a fascinating element to any space without taking up much room. Many aquatic hobbyist consider five gallon tanks to be relatively small set ups. Because of the many dimensions available, you’ll have a bit more room in a 5 gallon aquarium to not only landscape a captivating underwater world, but also support more species than you may have been able to care for within a smaller habitat.

When choosing what species to stock your 5 gallon fish tank, it is important to consider how much room they’ll need in order to thrive and which varieties can live together harmoniously. Some species, like bettas, don’t require a great deal of horizontal swimming space, and are perfectly content in a five gallon tank. However, if two male bettas are in the same tank they will become extremely aggressive with each other, so there should never be more than one betta per five gallon aquarium. Otherwise, a school of very small fish, like Neon Tetras, are a lovely alternate to a single Betta, and gives you more active five gallon fish tank.

There are also several other marine and fresh water un-finned pet options available that can help transform your 5 gallon aquarium into a vivacious and interesting underwater habitat. African dwarf frogs, fire belly toads, and some species of sea invertebrates such as ghost shrimp, small claims and snails can also do well in a five gallon fish bowl. As with all pet care, research is paramount. Make sure to explore Petco’s 5 gallon fish tanks, aquarium kits and accessories to assist you in creating a lively and sustainable subaquatic world.