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Fluval Edge Aquarium Kit in Black
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biOrb Life 45P Aquariums

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Fluval Edge Aquarium Kit in White

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biOrb Life 45P Aquarium in Black
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SeaClear Mini-Kits Black
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10 and 12 Gallon fish tanks & aquariums with dimensions

Set a course for Petco to discover 10 and 12 gallon fish tanks and aquarium accessories and start designing your serene seascape.

10 and 12 gallon fish tanks are an extremely popular option due to their smaller dimensions and their wide variety of styles. Although still considered a small tank, a 10 gallon aquarium has room to house several community fish species and invertebrates. You may be surprised how a school of ember tetras and some friendly invertebrate, like amano shrimp or an apple snail, can make a 10 gallon aquarium appear to be larger than its actual dimensions. Researching which species get along with one another and how much bio load each produces will allow you to put together a 10 gallon fish tank that is not only lively, but also easier to care for. Petco has all the books and accessories you need to get started.

The glass rectangle is always a popular style, but nowadays you’ll find that 10 gallon aquariums come in more dimensions and materials making for a striking conversational piece. Many are constructed from strong acrylic, making them weigh less than half that of a comparable 10 gallon glass aquarium. Moreover, many designer 10 gallon fish tank dimensions allow better viewing angles and are stylized to blend with most home furnishings. If you are unsure where to begin, Petco has 10 gallon aquarium kits that contain almost everything you need to give your finned friends a habitat to keep them thriving.

Whether you are just getting your feet wet into the world of aquatics or looking for a vibrant conversation piece to complete a room, Petco has a large selection of 10 to 12 gallon fish tanks, aquarium accessories and complete kits to meet your needs.