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Solvit X-Large Deluxe Telescoping Pet Ramp
$105.59 save 47%
Up Pup by Dallas Manufacturing 4-Step Dog Stairs
$38.99 save 35%
Solvit Deluxe Telescoping Pet Ramp

$76.99 save 56%
Solvit Smart Ramp

$105.43 save 45%
Solvit PupSTEP + Plus Pet Stairs

$31.51 save 47%
Solvit UltraLite Bifold Pet Ramp

$51.51 save 53%
Solvit PupSTEP Large Wood Pet Stairs

$64.99 save 35%
Pet Gear Free Standing Pet Ramp in Chocolate

$139.99 save 30%
Pet Gear Extra Wide Easy Step II Pet Stairs in Tan
$92.59 save 34%
Solvit Half Ramp II

$55.99 save 30%
Pet Gear Extra Wide Easy Step III Pet Stairs

$121.39 save 29%
Solvit 2-Step Decorative Pet Steps

$109.79 save 31%
Pet Gear Cocoa Easy Step II

$55.19 save 31%
Pet Gear All Weather Full Length Bifold Pet Ramp

$104.99 save 30%
You & Me Upsy-Daisy Pop-Up Dog Stairs

$22.49 save 25%
Pet Gear Tan Easy Step IV

$95.99 save 31%
Pet Gear Tan Easy Step III

$70.19 save 30%
Solvit Smart Ramp Junior

$62.99 save 30%
Gamma Super Skamper Ramp Pool Ramp for Pets

$55.99 save 30%
Pet Gear Cocoa Easy Step III

$70.79 save 21%
Pet Gear Chocolate Easy Step II

$53.49 save 33%
Gamma Skamper Ramp Pool Ramp for Pets
$41.99 save 30%
Solvit 3-Step Decorative Pet Steps

$164.19 save 29%
Pet Gear Sage Easy Step II

$55.19 save 31%

dog stairs, steps & ramps

Explore Petco’s variety of dog stairs, steps and ramps to help increase your pet’s independence and improve their overall joint health, when they need assistance getting to those out-of-reach places. Whether it’s up on the bed, into the car or onto your lap, canines love to jump and join you wherever you go. Unfortunately, repeated jumping can put stress on their joints, hips and back, exacerbating joint issues and other arthritic conditions. Dog steps and ramps can help providing easy access to their favorite spots and thus remove the need for jumping. Large canines who are especially prone to joint and hip problems can get relief and feel more confident in their footing with the help of dog steps. As an added bonus, dog stairs can also benefit other animals in your home in need of a little boost.

Dog stairs can also help provide easy access for smaller pups, without the need to jump or be carried. Dog steps come in a variety of sizes, styles and materials, including models with 2-steps, 3-steps and 4-steps to fit any almost any space. Some dog steps come in plastic carpeted or wood finishes, to seamlessly fit your home’s décor. And for easier cleanups, snap off the removable cover included with some our dog stair or ramp styles.

For pups on the go, dog ramps are perfect for helping them get in and out of cars, trucks and SUVs. Water lovers, can also benefit from the assistance dog ramps can bring with no-slip styles which allow your pup to climb out of the water safely and securely. With regular use, pet stairs can reduce your dog’s risk of injury and back pain so you can strengthen your bond for years to come!