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PetZen DogTread Treading for Dogs Instructional Dog Treadmill Training DVD

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PetZen DogTread Medium Motorized Dog Treadmill


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It doesn’t take a dog health expert to see that exercise is important to dogs. Just as regular exercise plays a vital role in keeping you and your family happy and healthy, regular activity also helps to promote the health and longevity of your four-legged friends. When used correctly, treadmills for dogs are available to keep dogs in fantastic shape; as consistent exercise helps to activate and release endorphins, adding a treadmill to your dog’s daily routine can help to keep him happy, and also prevent him from becoming bored. Ideal for practically all canine breeds and sizes, dog treadmills also serve as great dog agility training equipment to strengthen your dog’s stamina and endurance to better prepare him for his next agility competition, as it simulates a nice romp in the park. As a dog treadmill provides your dog with the convenience of a workout inside your home, it ensures that your dog receives daily exercise regardless of the weather conditions outside. Furthermore, treadmills for dogs allow for hyper-active dogs to work their off extra bursts of energy, which make them a helpful aid for pet parents with hyper-active dogs. Whether your dog needs to increase his endurance and improve his agility skills through more dog agility training or your dog simply needs a convenient means of obtaining regular exercise, consider the advantageous option of providing your dog with a dog treadmill. Perfect for training medium-sized dogs to compete in upcoming agility tournaments, there is the PetZen DogTread Medium Motorized Dog Treadmill. Specifically designed to sharpen your dog’s focus and strengthen his endurance, this treadmill has been built for durability, simple use and safety, when used correctly under appropriate supervision. When used consistently and paired up with other dog agility training equipment to condition and train your dog in agility, this treadmill can help to increase your dog’s chances of completing an agility course in record time. Available in three sizes, ranging from small to large, there are PetZen DogTread motorized treadmills for dogs available to properly accommodate a variety of canine weights and sizes. These treadmills are easy for dogs to use, easy for you to store and they even have wheels for manageable portability. Equipped with a remote control, these treadmills feature programmable time and distance mechanisms as well as a varying incline. Encourage regular exercise and promote your dog’s health and happiness today with a treadmill.