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R-7M Ear Mite Treatment for Dogs & Cats

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Ear Mite Treatment & Medicine for Dogs

Tune in to Petco for a selection of ear mite treatment and medicine for dogs that will help clear the critters out of their canals.

An infection of any kind is no fun, but an ear mite infestation can ruin any dog’s day. If your pup has been shaking their head or scratching their ears more often than usual, it could be a sign of an insect invasion. If they aren’t eradicated in a timely manner, these creepy crawlers can cause health issues for your furry family member. Fortunately, Petco has a supply of dog ear mite medicine that can help evict the pests from your pet. Simply clean any dirt or dust from the area and apply the ear mite medicine for dogs to take care of the bugs. You can also help make their environment less susceptible to bacterial outbreaks by drying out their ear canal. If you pet sleeps with their tail curled up by their head, consider applying some dog ear mite treatment to those areas as well, to make sure there aren’t any stragglers.

Ensure your commands keep floating through one ear and out of the other with some ear mite treatment for dogs from Petco.