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Nylabone Advanced Oral Care Liquid Tartar Remover for Dogs
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$9.99 to $17.99
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Nylabone Advanced Oral Care Foaming Tartar Removal for Dogs

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Well & Good Dog Breath Spray
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Well & Good Tartar Control Water Additive for Dogs
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Well & Good Fresh Breath Water Additive for Dogs
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Well & Good Foaming Mouthwash for Dogs
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KissAble Oral Care Water Additive
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Get your pup’s pearly whites their brightest with Petco’s wide range of tartar control and dog tartar removal products.

If you’ve noticed your pet’s breath has been a little stronger than usual, or their teeth are looking unsightly it may be time to invest in some dog tartar removal products. Most veterinarians agree that in-home dental care is critical to your pet’s overall health. Tartar houses bacteria which may eventually lead to serious dental problems like gingivitis, periodontal disease or lost teeth. Moreover, the buildup of bacteria leads to some pretty foul doggy breath. Spending a few minutes each day brushing your pup's teeth with dog tartar removal products can help prevent costly and complex dental care issues.

Using dog tartar removal and control products do more than keep your pet’s teeth shiny. Besides preventing tooth decay, tartar removal products also help your pup’s gums stay a healthy pink and prevents the plaque from exposing the teeth’s roots which can cause sensitivity and discomfort. Furthermore, the bacteria may make its way into your dog’s internal organs causing a myriad of health issues.

Besides brushing, there are a variety of tartar control products for dogs that will keep their teeth looking their best. Most toys that promote your dog’s natural chewing instinct will help alleviate buildup. Additionally, there are a tartar control treats for dogs that also keep that unattractive yellow gunk at bay. These products, in addition to brushing your pooch’s teeth with dog tartar removal paste, will keep their smile happy and healthy.

Shop Petco’s wide range of dog tartar removal and control products to get your cuddly canine’s choppers clean and their breath smelling their best.