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Vanish Odor Eliminating Pet Hair Roller
$4.49 save 25%
Vanish Odor Eliminating Extendable Pet Hair Roller
$18.79 save 25%
Vanish Assorted Print Pet Hair Roller
$7.49 save 25%
Vanish Odor Eliminating Extendable Pet Hair Roller Refill
$9.79 save 25%
Vanish 3 Pack Pet Hair Roller with Odor Elimination
$9.79 save 25%
Vanish Sweep Up Pet Hair & Lint Mitt
$3.49 save 30%

pet hair rollers: pet & dog hair remover lint rollers | Petco

Whisk away canine and feline coat castoffs with Petco’s selection of pet hair rollers and removers. We love when our pets snuggle with us on the sofa, but when their loose fur spends more time on the cushion’s than we do, it might be time to pick up a dog hair roller. A simple, yet effective remover of pet hair, a lint roller is a must if your furry family member is a steady shedder.

Having a few pet lint rollers in high hair traffic areas will help you stop the spreading of their fur to other areas of your home. Keeping an extra pet hair roller in the car will also allow you to help keep your seats free of problematic fur balls for your passengers. Petco also carries reusable mitts that can be used on fabrics or even your pup’s or kitty’s coat. A few strokes and you can wipe up wayward whiskers and wash them away with soap and water.

Petco also carries pet hair rollers that are large enough to give your sofa a good swabbing. These pet hair removers feature sticky surfaces that are ideal for picking up fur, dust and dirt from your furniture. Additionally, some dog hair rollers feature an extending handle allowing you to remove pet hair from hard to reach places. You’ll also find lines of pet hair remover products that feature an odor eliminating adhesive so you can help pick up stale smells along with fur.

Pick up clingy canine and kitty fur from your clothes, couches and furniture with Petco’s selection of pet and dog hair rollers.