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Alphapooch Sleeper Toile Coco Pet Blanket

$29.99 to $39.99
$22.49 to $29.99 save up to 25%
More options available
Petlinks System Scents of Security Pet Blanket
$12.74 save 25%
Alphapooch Green Leaf Sleeper Dog Blanket
$17.99 save 25%
K&H Igloo Style Heated Pad Cover
$19.99 to $24.99
$14.99 to $18.74 save up to 25%
More options available
K&H Deluxe Heated Animal Pad Cover

$14.99 save 25%
Alphapooch Sleeper Berry Branch Pet Blanket

$23.99 to $39.99
$17.99 to $29.99 save up to 25%
More options available
K&H Deluxe Lectro-Kennel Pad Cover
$19.99 to $26.99
$14.99 to $20.24 save up to 25%
More options available
Alphapooch Sleeper Green Leaf Pet Blanket

$29.99 save 25%
Pet Therapeutics TheraWarm Self-Warming Sofa Bolster and Furniture Protector
$49.99 save 17%
JLA Reversible Fleece Travel Blanket

Pet Therapeutics TheraWarm Thermal Reflective Warming Blanket
$24.99 save 17%

Dog Blankets, Bed Covers & Dog Throws | Petco

Shop Petco’s wide range of dog blankets, bed covers and throws and give your pup something snuggly to nuzzle during nap time. Along with keeping them warm, dog blankets can be just what your furry friend needs to feel at home during an overnight visit in an unfamiliar place. If they are spending time away from you, consider getting a security dog blanket. Some security dog blanket options available allow you to add your scent so you can reduce your pup’s separation anxiety even when you’re not there. That little piece of home is sometimes enough to help them feel like their fun-loving selves again.

If they are cold, giving a puppy blankets can help them retain their body heat when they are placed over their dog bed or covering them. Using a dog bed cover on their existing bed can also prolong the bed’s life by helping protect the fabric. Dog bed covers make it easier to freshen up your pup’s sleeping area when it comes time to clean it.

Dog blankets and throws are also a smart way to protect your furniture, if you want to keep your pup from shedding on your couches or carpets. The dog blanket’s soft and fleecy texture can be irresistible next to a coarse fabric or rug fiber, so it can often make for a convenient travel mat. A dog throw can also be stowed in your vehicle to help protect your interior while providing them with a cozy place to curl up on your journey together.

Get your favorite canine cuddled up and ready to comfortably catch some zzz’s with their very own dog blanket, cover, or throw from Petco.