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Excel Roundworm Cat De-Wormer

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cat dewormer: cat worm medicine for worms in cats

Shop Petco’s selection of cat dewormer medicine to help reduce worms in your kitty. Worms in cats are a common concern for vets and pet parents. Tapeworms, roundworms, and hookworms are prevalent in kittens, but can be found in adult felines too. Left untreated, these pests can cause serious health issues for your kitty. Cat dewormer products come in prescription and non-prescription forms. Petco offers many of the vet recommended over-the-counter cat wormers and medicines that allow you to treat your pet.

Pets do not have to be in poor health to contract these parasitic pests, so preventative products should be used for all felines. A simple encounter with another infected animal or insect can cause an infestation in an otherwise healthy pet. Kittens, especially, are at a high risk as the larvae can be passed through nursing on their mother’s milk. Adult outdoor cats may need dewormers after pursuing infected small animals. Because untreated worms in cats can be detrimental, it’s important to recognize the symptoms as soon as possible. Once detected, these parasites can often be treated.

Pet parents need to be informed when selecting a cat wormer as many do not treat for all varieties. If you suspect your kitty may be infected, take your cat to the veterinarian to confirm an infestation. Take your veterinarian’s recommendation and check all labels carefully when looking for a brand that will effectively treat the parasite.

Check out Petco’s selection of cat dewormer medicine to help keep these menace from affecting your kitty’s health.