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Excel Roundworm Cat De-Wormer

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Sentry Worm Away Cat De-Wormer

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Prevent and treat worms in kittens and adult cats.

Worms in cats are one of cat owners’ main pet health concerns. Tapeworms, roundworms, and hookworms are extremely common in kittens, but can be found in adult cats too. Left untreated, these pests can do significant damage to your cat or kitten. Cat dewormer comes in prescription and non-prescription forms. Petco offers over-the-counter cat wormers and worm medicines that allow you to treat your feline friend and prevent further outbreaks.

While young kittens are more at risk, cats of all ages can become infected. A simple encounter with another infected animal or flea can immediately trigger an infestation in an otherwise healthy cat. Kittens are at a high risk as pests can be passed through a nursing mother’s milk, while adult outdoor cats may need dewormers after hunting infected small animals. Because untreated infestations can be detrimental to a cat, it’s important to recognize the symptoms as soon as possible. Once detected, these parasites can be treated with cat wormers or cat worm medicines.

Pet parents must take extra caution when selecting a cat wormer as many do not treat all types of worms. First, take your cat to the vet to confirm an infestation. Next, find a cat dewormer or worm medicine that treats the infestation type specifically. Check all labels carefully or have your vet recommend a brand that will treat the parasite effectively.

Protect your cat from menacing worm infestations and learn more about proper preventative care, symptoms, de-worming solutions and over-the-counter cat dewormers. Shop Petco for all cat deworming products.