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Petmate FurBuster 3-in-1 Grooming Glove for Cats

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Well & Good 3-in-1 Groom Glove for Cats
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cat grooming gloves: cat brush gloves & mitts | Petco

Whisk your way into Petco for a collection of cat grooming gloves and mitts to keep your kitty’s shedding from setting up station in your home.

While you can’t really stop your kitty from shedding, there are steps you can take to help reduce the amount of loose fur that clings to your clothes and furniture. Brushing your feline is one of the most direct ways you can reduce shedding. While there are numerous tools that help fine-tune their fur, a specialized cat grooming glove combines multiple tools in one handy product. If they aren’t too crazy about a comb through their coat, then your cat may warm up to a glove with a brush. Cat grooming gloves give your pet a personal touch, while also providing you more control. Many cat brush gloves also feature a smooth textured back, which is ideal for using on upholstery to uplift loose fur.

Another way to reduce your cat’s excess fur is to give them a bath. If you have a feline that doesn’t mind getting wet, then cat grooming mitts can be used to gather their unsecured coat before it collects on your couches, as well as helping you lather up your lap layer. Moreover, a cat grooming mitt keeps you from having to reach constantly or adjust your grip on a slippery comb. In addition, many of these cat brushing gloves feature inner straps for smaller hands and adjustable wrist enclosures ensuring that it stays in place while you groom your meowing family member.

When you need a hand huddling up hairballs, come to Petco for cat grooming brush gloves and mitts.