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Trixie Lukas Cuddly Cat Cave

$48.99 save 30%
K&H Lounge Sleeper Hooded Pet Bed in Tan Patchwork

$53.99 save 40%
You & Me Round Cat Condo

$14.99 save 25%
You & Me Two Story Round Cat Condo
$29.99 save 25%
Alphapooch Berry Branch Napper Cat Den Cat Hideaway

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Petco Restful Snuggler Pyramid Cat Bed in Brown
$20.99 save 30%
K&H Tan Kitty Crinkle Sack Cat Hideaway
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PetPals Group Green Frog Shaped Scratching Cat Toy

$31.99 save 20%
Petco Hooded Cat Bed in Gray

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Petco Covered Cat Bed in Cheetah

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PetPals Group Purple Paw Shaped Scratching Cat Toy

$37.09 save 30%
Precision Pet Kitty Condo

$107.29 save 17%
Trixie DreamWorld Plush Cat House

$42.59 save 23%
K&H Teal Kitty Crinkle Sack Cat Hideaway

$25.89 save 30%
Petco Restful Snuggler Pyramid Cat Bed in Green
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The Refined Feline Kitty Ball Bed in Espresso
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PetPals Group Crown Nest Cat Tree

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PetPals Group Brown Abstract Cat Tree

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K&H Outdoor Heated Kitty House in Olive

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K&H Kitty Sleep House Cat Bed in Tan and Leopard Print

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K&H Outdoor Kitty House in Olive

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JLA Hooded Snuggler Tan Cat Bed
$41.99 save 30%
PetPals Group Queen Contemporary Condo
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Bond & Co. Heritage Blue Plaid Bolster Dog Bed
$12.49 save 50%

Create a Safe Space with a Cat Condo or Hideaway

It’s no secret to cat owners that their feline friends love a safe and “secret” spot to lounge and perch. Even if your cat isn’t normally fearful, it’s still important to make sure there are adequate hiding places available in your home. Cat’s without this safe space can feel stressed and fearful, so it’s important for cat owners to understand this basic need. Condos and hideaways provide the additional benefit of higher temperatures for cats who may prefer a warmer sleeping or lounging spot.

Many cat towers come fully equipped with a hideaway for your cat to curl up in. You can also purchase attachable hideaways for towers without this particular feature. Hideaways are especially fun for multi-cat households as cats can climb and interact with one another or snooze while another climbs.

Hooded cat beds or caves are another great option for providing a ground-level hideaway for your cat. For older cats or cats who prefer to stay on the ground, these caves provide the same warmth and security of a bolster bed or hideaway, while keeping a lower profile that’s easier on your cat’s joints.

Whichever hiding space you choose, take comfort in knowing that your cat has a secure space to call their own. Shop our selection of cat condos and hideaways today!