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WARE Wooden Nest Box for Chickens & Rabbits
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Kaytee Natural Bamboo Nesting Dye-Free Alternative
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You & Me Nesting Hair Dispensers
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WARE Premium + Universal Chick-N-Nest Chicken Nesting Box

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Precision Pet Excelsior Chicken Nesting Pads

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WARE Chick-N-Nesting Box

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chicken nesting box: nesting boxes for chickens

Shop for chicken nesting boxes and accessories at Petco and encourage your bird’s natural instinct to nurture. Deciding how many chicken nesting boxes you need will often depend on the size of your flock. Keep in mind however that chickens often enjoy sharing a nesting box and can sometimes prefer their own private area when they’re ready to lay eggs. Although some chickens aren’t picky about where they lay their eggs, a nesting box can provide you with a designated where you can pick up each batch. If you decide to go without a chicken nesting box, be prepared to host for an impromptu Easter egg hunt around your coops. Allowing your chicken to lay outside of their nesting box can also make your eggs more susceptible to predators or accidental cracking. Nesting boxes for chickens should be placed in a dark and secluded place within their coop our house. In doing so, you’ll provide them with a peaceful chicken nesting box where they’ll feel comfortable laying eggs. Just make sure your chicken nesting boxes are easy to access for egg gathering and regular maintenance.

Some pet parents prefer wooden chicken nesting boxes for their birds since they can also satiate their flock’s natural urge to chew. There are also models available with easy flip-top access to eggs, so you can reach in to your chicken nesting box from outside the coop. Regardless of the model you pick, your chicken nesting box should always be able to comfortably accommodate every egg laying member of your flock. Generally it is better to have a chicken nesting box that’s too big over one that’s too small. If you’re not looking for nesting boxes for chickens, you can also find other bird nesting hair dispensers. Similar to chicken nesting box materials, these dispensers provide your birds with the means to provide themselves with warmth, security and stress relief.