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Cat-Sip Real Milk

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Cat-Sip Real Milk

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Cat-Sip Real Milk

  • Great for dogs, too!
  • Wholesome snack for the cat that loves milk
  • Ideal for lactose intolerant pets that cannot digest regular milk
  • Cat-Sip is a real, lactose-free, 1% low fat ultra pasteurized milk
  • Cat milk fortified with taurine, an essential nutrient that supports your cat's health

Start lapping up the solution to your feline friend’s favorite craving: Cat-Sip Real Milk! Cat milk is made with real milk, not a manufactured milk substitute. Cat-Sip has specially formulated their milk to be easily digestible for lactose intolerant cats. This tasty treat makes a healthy and nutritious snack for your pet and goes well with both wet and dry food for added flavor. Many cats who love milk are unable to digest it properly because they are lactose intolerant; their G.I. tract doesn’t have the enzyme that breaks down milk sugar, resulting in loose stool and discomfort. Cat-Sip Real Milk uses a safe, non-toxic food enzyme, to make the lacrosse digestible. The result is wholesome cat milk made with real milk from fresh Grade A sources produced at US dairy farms. Cat-Sip Real Milk has exactly what your cats want and nothing they don’t need. Cat-Sip is real, lactose-free 1% low fat ultra pasteurized milk fortified with taurine. Cats need taurine, an essential nutrient, in their diet to support healthy heart and eyes. While not usually found in cat milk, taurine is especially helpful for cats of any age. Cat-Sip contains no artificial sweeteners, reconstituted ingredients, vegetable oils or other additives (as found in many other types of artificial milk drinks). It’s real milk, just what your cat loves. Cat-Sip is packaged in such a way that is has a 12 month shelf life as long as it remains unopened. Once open, keep it refrigerated and use within 7 days. And don’t let the name limit you: Cat-Sip Real Milk is also great for dogs!