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Cat Dancer Cat Charmer

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Cat Dancer Cat Charmer

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Cat Dancer Cat Charmer

  • Watch your kitty jump and play as you twirl and whirl this fun teaser cat toy
  • Excellent for aerobic activity
  • Safe, interactive toy for all kittens and cats
  • Cat Dancer toy comes with flexible wand and colorful fabric ribbon

Your cat or kitten is still a hunter at heart. Give your favorite feline a reason to stalk, pounce, jump and play with the Cat Dancer Cat Charmer. This fun and simple Cat Dancer toy comes with a colorful fabric ribbon attached to a flexible wand. When you start to move and twirl the fabric, your cat will come running. This teaser cat toy will do a great job of catching and holding your cat’s attention. As a proud pet parent, you will be thrilled as your cat leaps gracefully in the air, turns on a dime and displays incredible speed and coordination to snap up that ribbon. Your feisty feline might even do a flip or two to catch this Cat Dancer toy. Exercise is a critical part of keeping adult cats healthy and helping kittens discover their natural skills. The Cat Dancer Cat Charmer can help adult cats stay active, flexible and coordinated. This teaser cat toy can also help kittens and young cats continue to develop important skills such a stalking, chasing and pouncing. A teaser cat toy like the Cat Charmer gives your pet a reason to exercise and have fun at the same time. The Cat Dancer toy will also allow you to spend quality time with your precious pet. This bonding time is invaluable. You may even discover that your feline has been saving a few tricks that you’ve never seen before. The Cat Dancer Cat Charmer is safe for kittens and adult cats. It is also safe if you have kids in the house. Give your cat a reason to leap and bound with this fun, colorful toy.