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Kaytee - From Nature to your Home

Kaytee - From Nature to your Home
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Kaytee Supreme Daily Blend Dove Food

$7.19 save 20%
Kaytee All Natural Timothy Wafer-Cut Hay for Rabbits & Small Animals

$4.99 to $12.99
$3.49 to $9.09 save 30%
Kaytee Chew Proof Water Bottle, 12 Oz.
$7.19 save 40%
Kaytee Chew Proof Water Bottle, 6 Oz.
$5.99 save 40%
Kaytee Natural Timothy Hay for Rabbits & Small Animals

$5.99 to $19.99
$3.49 to $12.79 save up to 55%
Kaytee CritterTrail Small Animal Habitat Starter Kit

$19.09 save 36%
Kaytee Fiesta Cockatiel Food

$14.99 to $69.99
$11.19 to $56.29 save up to 44%
Kaytee Run-About Ball
$5.99 save 40%
Kaytee Supreme Daily Blend Parakeet Food

$7.49 save 25%
Kaytee Forti-Diet Pro Health Oat Groats Bird Treat

$4.49 save 25%
Kaytee Fiesta Macaw Food

$18.79 save 25%
Kaytee Forti-Diet Pro Health Honey Stick Parrot Treats

$4.49 save 25%
Kaytee Fiesta Country Harvest Blend Rabbit, Guinea Pig and Chinchilla Treat

$3.49 save 30%
Kaytee Supreme Daily Blend Rat & Mouse Food

$6.99 save 30%
Kaytee Clean & Cozy Tahitian Vanilla Scented Small Animal Bedding

$9.79 save 35%
Kaytee Lava Bites
$3.59 save 40%
Kaytee Expansion Kit 2
$16.29 save 35%
Kaytee Timothy Hay Plus With Mango For Rabbits & Small Animals

$5.59 save 30%
Super Pet CritterTrail Two

$29.79 save 40%
Kaytee Fiesta Strawberry Yogurt Chips Small Animal Treat

$4.89 save 30%
Kaytee Fiesta Canary & Finch Food

$9.79 save 25%
Kaytee Timothy Hay Plus Treat Boxes For Small Animals, Carrot, Mint and Marigold
$4.59 save 34%
Kaytee Clean & Cozy Small Animal Bedding

$5.99 to $29.99
$3.89 to $19.49 save up to 56%
Kaytee Fiesta Healthy Toppings Bird Treats

$2.99 save 25%

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Shop and explore Petco’s collection of Kaytee small animal and bird products. Pet parents will find that Katyee offers everything from pet foods and accessories to bedding and litter products. Kaytee was started in Sheboygan, WI as a grain and feed business that quickly grew. Today Kaytee Products has grown to focus on a 50+ year old goal to help pet parents. Every single of Kaytee’s hundreds of products stand by their mission, “To provide the highest quality foods and services for peoples enjoyments of birds and other pets.” This promise even includes koi ponds thanks to their premium fish food products.

By acquiring facilities strategically located across the country, Kaytee has been able to provide the freshest quality products to every customer in the most efficient way possible. This means that your pets can enjoy Kaytee’s bird and small animal food, treats and more, while each product is at its most delicious and nutritiously beneficial state. For bird pet parents, Kaytee offers special recipes and feeding accessories to help each kind of bird thrive within their cage or habitat. And if you’re looking for the best way to attract feathered friends, Kaytee’s products also include regional blends and feeders, so you can serve them irresistible meals custom made to their preference.

To make your small animals feel right at home in their habitats, Kaytee has a range of bedding, nesting and litter products for every home and pet preference. Designed to keep your pets comfortable and dry, these products can also help you keep your home smelling fresh longer. Kaytee has also partnered with Super Pet to help you combat cage boredom with their many small animal habitat toy, activity, and tunnel products. Petco’s selection of Kaytee small animal and indoor/outdoor bird products is constantly growing to help you provide proper and complete pet care. Check back frequently to find new Kaytee products to excite, feed, and take care of your pets at Petco.