A&E Cage Company Single Java Tree Stand

$499.99 to $649.99 $399.95 to $519.95
More options available
A&E Cage Company Table Top Java Tree Stand

$119.99 to $174.99 $89.95 to $129.95
More options available
Prevue Pet Parakeet Park Tabletop Playpen

$29.99 $17.99
Prevue Pet Cockatiel Court Tabletop Playpen

$24.99 $14.99
Prevue Hendryx Small Parrot Playstand

$129.99 $77.99
Prevue Hendryx Round Parrot Playstand

$179.99 $107.99
Petco Premium 3-in-1 Playground for Birds

$19.99 $11.99
Prevue Pet Parrot Big Steps Tabletop Playpen

$29.99 $17.99
Caitec Acrobird Large Play Gym Stand
Caitec Acrobird Small Bird Playground
HQ Play Stand with Stainless Steel Tray in Green
$189.99 $113.99
HQ Play Stand with Stainless Steel Tray in Platinum
$199.99 $119.99
Caitec Acrobird Medium Raised Base Play Tower

Caitec Nature's Instinct Birdie Basketball Playground

Caitec Acrobird Pyramid with Base

$58.99 to $59.99
More options available
Caitec Acrobird Playground

$46.99 to $69.99
More options available
YML Green Parrot Stand
$169.99 $101.99
HQ Big Ring Bird Play Stand in Platinum
$219.99 $131.99
Caitec Acrobird Playland

$59.99 to $74.99
More options available
Avian Adventures Recreation Center for Birds in Platinum
$269.99 $161.99
Caitec Acrobird Small Raised Base Play Tower

HQ Play Stand with Stainless Steel Tray in Beige
$199.99 $119.99
HQ Play Stand with Play Ring in Platinum
$124.99 $74.99
Caitec Acrobird Large Floor Stand Play Tower



A Bird Playpen, Bird Play Gym and Bird Toys for Fun with Your Fine Feathered Friends

Regular mental and physical stimulation is not only vital for the overall health of pets, but it is also directly affects their happiness and well-being. As boredom has been known to produce negative effects on birds and other caged pets, it is imperative to provide your pet birds with plenty of stimulation on a regular basis. While there are various types of bird toys available to keep pet birds occupied while inside of their cages, there are bird cages that are equipped with a bird play gym or play area. In addition, there is special furniture for birds that has been designed to keep them occupied, such as a tabletop activity center or a tabletop bird playpen. Developed with the best interests of your fine feathered friends in mind, bird activity centers and playpens help to encourage hours of fun-filled play and physical exercise. Meanwhile, providing your bird with a bird playpen will also help to prevent boredom. Equipped with a ladder and other bird toys, tabletop playpens are also a great way to interact with your pet birds and strengthen your bond. Promote the health, vitality and well-being of your pet bird today with a tabletop bird play gym, playpen or activity center.

Developed as upscale bird furniture, the Avian Adventures Recreation Center for Birds is a special bird play gym that is the perfect size for medium and large birds, such as cockatiels and cockatoos. Featuring two ladders, three perches and two hooks for hanging bird toys, this recreation center will surely keep your pet bird contently occupied. Designed for cockatiels and other similarly sized birds, there is also the Prevue Pet Cockatiel Court Tabletop Playpen, which is composed of sturdy hardwood that is coated in bird-safe paint and features, multiple perches, a ladder and a fun bird swing.

Boasting a hardwood construction, the Prevue Pet Parakeet Park Tabletop Playpen has been designed specifically for parakeets and other birds of a similar size. This colorful bird playpen gym presents your bird with the fun attractions of a park without being outside. Meanwhile, there is the Prevue Pet Parrot Big Steps Tabletop Playpen, which has been especially developed for keeping parrots and larger birds stimulated. Equipped with a colorful wooden hanging toy and multiple perches, this playpen will surely give your parrot plenty of exercise. Promote fun-filled play and stimulation, while preventing boredom with bird playpens and activity areas.