WARE Wooden Nest Box for Chickens & Rabbits

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Precision Pet Excelsior Chicken Nesting Pads

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Petco Nesting Hair Dispensers

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WARE Premium + Universal Chick-N-Nest Chicken Nesting Box

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WARE Chick-N-Nesting Box

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Find Nest Boxes, a Parakeet Nest and Bird’s Nest Supplies for Your Fine Feathered Friends

There are numerous reasons as to why birds are such popular pets and can be found within many homes. With their amazing ability to take flight, learn tricks, mimic words and even whistle along to a familiar tune, birds of all sorts make for entertaining and rewarding pets. As the natural behaviors of birds are both intriguing and vital to their health and well-being, it is imperative for pet parents to encourage more of their pet bird’s natural behaviors and tendencies, such as nesting. While a wild bird’s nest can come in a variety of sizes and forms, there are also nest boxes and nesting materials available for pet parents to give to their pet birds to encourage innate nesting behaviors. As different species of birds vary in size and preference in a bird’s nest, there are different nest materials and nest boxes available to accommodate their varying needs. Nesting materials, such as nesting hair and cotton, work well along with nests for specific bird species, such as a parakeet nest box and a nest box for cockatiels and finches. Promote the well-being of your pet birds today by providing them with the nests and nesting materials to encourage their nesting instincts.

While a bird’s nest is primarily used for keeping bird eggs and young hatchlings warm and protected from potential predators, they also serve as safe havens that provide birds with security and comfort. Specifically developed for parakeets, the Petco Parakeet Nest Box boasts a strong hardwood construction and even features a hole for a perch. Equipped with a hole for mounting, this sturdy parakeet nest box can be mounted in or outside of a parakeet cage. Meanwhile, there are similar nest boxes that are smaller that have been designed for holding finches, as well as bigger boxes intended for use by cockatiels.

In addition to the different nest boxes that are available are open nests as well as nests that are covered. Handmade especially to resemble the nests made by wild birds, the Petco Round Nest with Roof not only provides pet birds with a cozy place to nest, but it also helps to enhance the look of your bird’s home. For birds that prefer to make their own nests, there is nesting hair as well as Natural Corn Cobs with the PureLite Process Bird & Small Animal Litter/Bedding. Encourage natural nesting behaviors for your birds today.