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You & Me Bird Carrier
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Caitec Perch N Go Polycarbonate Bird Carrier

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Bird Carriers - High Quality Bird Travel Carriers

Take your feathered friends anywhere you want to go with premium bird carriers from Petco.com! These high-quality travel carriers are absolutely ideal for safely and securely transporting your pet bird to your destination of choice. A bird travel carrier is a simple and effective solution to make travel with your bird hassle-free. Whether by plane, train or automobile, traveling with your feathered friend has never been easier.

Bird carriers are essential accessories for transporting your pet bird in a number of circumstances. A good bird travel carrier can make bringing home a new pet or taking a beloved friend to the vet that much easier. If you are making a long journey or facing an emergency, keeping a bird carrier on hand is absolutely essential.

When flying with your bird, always check your airline's regulations regarding pet travel well before you arrive at the gate. Guidelines for pet carriers vary between airlines, so knowing the facts beforehand could save you a lot of time and hassle when traveling with your bird.

As with dog and cat crates, bird carriers are designed to provide a safe and secure temporary home for your pet. A bird-friendly enclosure can greatly reduce the stress of travel in your bird, keeping him happier and healthier both during and after the journey.

A suitable bird travel carrier typically includes a well-ventilated and bird-proof latched enclosure. Depending on the length of the journey, you may want to consider adding a perch, water bottle, and food bowl (if they are not already included in your carrier).

When choosing your carrier, be sure that the internal dimensions are large enough to accommodate your pet. Birds vary widely in size - from a 3 inch finch to a 3 foot macaw - and as such need carriers of the appropriate size for their needs.