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A&E Cage Company 32" X 23" Play Top Bird Cage in Green

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A&E Cage Company 32" X 23" Play Top Bird Cage in Green

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32"; L X 23"; W X 66"; H, A perfect home for your feathered friend. Spacious cage has large hinged door for easy access to your pet. Cage top opens to a play top. Slide-out grill and tray for easy cleaning.

  • Slide-out grill and tray make cleaning a breeze
  • Includes 3 stainless steel feeder cups and perch
  • Play top with 2 ladders, perch & toy hook
  • A&E Cage Company 32" X 23" Play Top Bird Cage, Green

Provide your medium-sized parrot or cockatiel with the space and stimulation he wants with the A&E Cage Company 32" X 23" Playtop Bird Cage. Keep everything from conures to mini macaws to parakeets in this top quality parrot cage. What makes this habitat absolutely ideal as a parrot or cockatiel cage is its unique playtop apparatus. The roof of this cage features two ladders, a perch, and a toy hook for your bird’s amusement. The A&E Cage Company 32" X 23" Playtop Bird Cage is designed with all the avian amenities necessary for your bird’s comfort and happiness. The medium-sized parrot cage is built with three feeder cups mounted in swing-out doors as well as a perch. You can easily reach your pet bird or access his cage through the large hinged front door. But don’t worry about him escaping his enclosure; the front door and all the feeder doors are built with bird-proof locks. That is part of what makes the A&E Playtop such a great parrot or cockatiel cage: it is designed to keep them safe and secure while still offering plenty of space for activity and stimulation. The A&E Cage Company 32" X 23" Playtop Bird Cage is a long lasting and elegant addition to any home. This medium-sized parrot cage is constructed with a durable, non-toxic powder coated finish that is bird-safe. Choose the finish of your cage from four timeless colors. Easy roll casters let you move the cage around your home without hassle. And keeping a parrot or cockatiel cage clean has never been easier. The A&E Playtop comes with a removable seed catcher to pick up all those morsels that get flung around during your pet bird’s mealtime. The slide-out grill and tray in the base can be removed easily to clean out any waste and replace your bird substrate or habitat paper.