Bergan Auto Harness with Tether Dog Car Harness

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X-Large, For Dogs 80-150 lbs. Bergan Dog Auto Harness has superior material strength and is lightweight and comfortable. Tether is included with load bearing carabiners that easily connect to the seat belt loop or child seat anchor.

  • Designed to protect pets and drivers during sudden stops
  • Tether with load bearing carabiner connects to your vehicle s existing seat belt loop
  • Seat belt for dog use helps prevent distractions during driving
  • Bergan Auto Harness with Tether Dog Car Harness

Keep your furry friend safe on the road with the Bergan Auto Harness with Tether Dog Car Harness. This strong yet comfortable dog seat belt harness can minimize distractions and contribute to the safety of both you and your pet in the car. Your dog wears the harness which is secured to your car’s seat belt loop using a durable tether. Shop the variety of sizes available for this seat belt for dog wear; that way, you can find the best fit for your pet. Traveling with a pet is becoming more common and widespread. Most pet owners travel with their pets; many take pets to work and on everyday errands. Whether you are enjoying a coast to coast road trip or driving just around the block, your dog should be safely and securely buckled into your vehicle using a dog seat belt harness. An unrestrained pet can distract you from driving and cause (or sustain) injury if the car comes to a sudden stop. The Bergan Auto Harness with Tether Dog Car Harness is specially designed to withstand forces generated from sudden stops while minimizing the distraction your pet may pose. The harness is designed with superior material strength, making it durable and effective as well as light weight and comfortable. Your dog’s harness is secured into your car using a strong, durable tether with load bearing carabiners. The tether connects the harness to the seat belt loop or child seat anchor in your car, securely creating a seat belt for dog wear using your existing seat belt hardware. The Bergan Auto Harness with Tether Dog Car Harness meets or exceeds the V9DT Pet Safety Durability Test Standard. Sliding straps let you adjust the size of this dog seat belt harness to create a secure yet comfortable fit for your pet. This seat belt for dog wear is available in a variety of sizes; find the one that best fits your furry friend!