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Petco Latex Sport Ball Dog Toy

Offered in assorted colors and styles, as pictured. Please allow us to select one for you.

Petco Latex Sport Ball Dog Toy – Latex Dog Ball & Rubber Dog Ball

Let the games begin when you order the Petco Latex Sport Ball Dog Toy. These fun, sports-themed balls are great for chewing, chasing, pouncing, bonding and more.

The Petco Latex Sport Ball Dog Toy is a latex dog ball with a textured surface to make catching and chewing more satisfying. Use this rubber dog ball to play endless rounds of fetch with your best friend. Your dog won’t soon tire of chasing after the ball. Fetch is a great way to encourage exercise and to help your dog burn off excess energy. Every dog needs the opportunity to run and play at least a little each day. Fetching a rubber dog ball can also improve your dog’s speed, agility and overall health. This latex dog ball is small enough that you can even use it to help your new puppy learn how to fetch.

The Petco Latex Sport Ball Dog Toy can also support your dog’s natural need to chew. Chewing helps engage the mind, prevents boredom and can even help to relieve stress and anxiety. The textured surface of this rubber dog ball will make chewing even more satisfying and stimulating for your pooch.

Each latex dog ball comes complete with a loud squeaker that will add to your dog’s entertainment. As soon as your dog hears that squeaker, the game is on. Your dog will love chasing this squeaking, bouncing toy around the house and yard. The toy is made of rugged latex, which can stand up to chewing and enthusiastic play. It’s small enough to appeal to smaller breeds of dogs and puppies that may not be able to handle larger and heavier dog toys.

This toy is offered in a variety of sport ball styles. Please allow us choose one for you.

Petco Latex Sport Ball Dog Toy

Internet Price: $3.99

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  • Rubber dog ball with bumpy textured surfaces
  • Latex dog ball encourages exercise and play
  • Comes in fun colors and styles
  • Includes loud squeaker for added entertainment

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3.25" Diameter
SKU: 829935


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