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Evercare Pet Hair Roller

Evercare Pet Hair Roller - Convenient Tape Roll Holder that Uses Tape Roll Refills

Use the Evercare Pet Hair Roller and roll over virtually any surface and instantly remove pet hair, dust, lint and dirt!

This remarkably easy-to-use tape roll holder helps you get the messy job of picking up pet hair and fur done quickly and practically effortlessly the first time! With this convenient rolling tool, you save yourself time from having to pick up your pet's excess hair or fur manually, as this effective tape roll tool means no more moving pet hair around or only doing half the job! It features disposable sticky tape sheets that pick up the remnants of your pet's shedding along with other debris, such as dust, dirt and lint, and hang on to all of it until you remove the top layer and toss it in the trash. From helping to keep your furniture, rugs and flooring tidy and free of pet hair to helping to keep you and your clothing tidy and pet-hair free, this remarkable pet hair roller from Evercare is a great choice!

Sticky tape layers rotate effortlessly on a comfortable, easy-to-clean handle. Roller refills are sold separately.

Evercare Pet Hair Roller

Internet Price: $5.99 - $9.99

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  • Super-sticky roller that rolls over virtually any surface and instantly removes pet hair, dust, lint and dirt
  • Utilizes a convenient tape roll that has disposable sticky sheets
  • Tape roll holder that picks up pet hair, lint and dust and hangs onto it until the adhesive layer is removed and tossed in the garbage
  • #1 selling roller in the USA!

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Evercare Pet Hair Roller

60 Sheets per roll
SKU: 26123

Repeat Delivery Price: $5.09

Evercare Twin Pack Pet Hair Roller

Pack of 2 rollers - 60 Sheets per roll
SKU: 1313703

Repeat Delivery Price: $8.99

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