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Super Pet CritterTrail One

Super Pet CritterTrail One - Ideal Hamster Cage and Small Animal Cage available at

Treat your little furry companion to a luxurious, fun enclosure that she will absolutely love! The Super Pet CritterTrail One is an all-in-one, single-level small animal cage that has everything your pet could possibly want in a home. The complete and colorful CritterTrail makes a great mouse, gerbil or hamster cage - its features are perfect for most small pets. The larger living area provides an ample living space all through the enclosure. The Petting Zone with Flip-Top Roof creates an eye-level area where you can interact directly with your furry friend, which is of course one of the great joys of owning a small pet.

The Super Pet CritterTrail One is a small animal cage designed with your pet's comfort and safety in mind. The combination of four-sided wire and durable plastic provides high-quality airflow while at the same time eliminating harmful drafts. The enclosure wires are spaced at 6 mm, making them ideal for safety and security in a mouse, gerbil or hamster cage. The EZ Climb design provides your small pet easy access to every level regardless of her age or size. The Safe & Silent Wheel presents the perfect challenge for your little furry friend's energetic lifestyle.

No quality gerbil or hamster cage is complete without basic essentials like food and drink accessories. The Super Pet CritterTrail One includes a drip-free water bottle and a dishwasher-safe bowl so your pet can always enjoy food and water without making a mess. Maintaining the cleanliness of your small animal cage is as easy as popping a lid. The Kid-Kind Cleaning design features a simple odor and stain-resistant scatter-less base; the high sides eliminate the scatter of food, pet litter and general messiness on the floor. The removable rooftop also helps to make cleaning exceedingly easy.

The CritterTrail One is compatible with all CritterTrail, Habitrail and SAM Systems to let you connect into, onto, and all around your pet's home.

CritterTrail One comes complete with:

  • 10 oz. Water Bottle
  • Durable Food Dish
  • Safe & Silent Exercise Wheel
  • Snap Lock Bubble-Plug
  • E-Z Climb Bubble Wave Fun-nel
  • Six Add-on Accessory Locations

Super Pet CritterTrail One

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  • Fun and colorful hamster cage - also great for gerbil and mice
  • Features a unique Petting Zone for interacting with your pet
  • Furnished with habitat essentials for your small pet
  • High-quality one-level small animal cage
  • Completely compatible with all CritterTrail, Habitrail, and SAM Systems to let you connect into, onto, and all around your pet's home

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10.5" L X 16" W X 11" H
SKU: 772100

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