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Drinkwell Pet Fountain for Cats

Drinkwell Pet Fountain for Cats - Cat Water Fountain and Cat Drinking Fountain from

Keep your kitty healthy and hydrated with the Drinkwell Pet Fountain for Cats. This innovative cat water fountain is ideal for your feline friends who prefer drinking from dripping faucets or are prone to urinary tract infections and kidney disorders.

The Drinkwell cat drinking fountain creates a continuously flowing water source for your pet. Cats tend to prefer moving water over stagnant water for a variety of reasons. Moving water is less likely to collect dust and detritus that sits on the surface. Also, flowing water is better aerated - meaning it absorbs more dissolved oxygen - than stagnant water.

The Drinkwell Pet Fountain for Cats utilizes a water pump to create a cat water fountain specifically for these reasons. Many cats prefer drinking water from the faucet because they perceive it as fresher than the water in their bowl. If cats do not have access to fresh water, they may avoid drinking altogether - leading to dehydration and illness related to the urinary tract and kidneys. A cat drinking fountain is a simple and effective way to keep you cat healthy and cater to natural feline instincts.

The Drinkwell Pet Fountain for Cats helps resolve many of the problems facing thirsty cats by satisfying a feline's natural desire to fresh, moving water. The 5" waterfall provides plenty of aeration to keep your cat's water full of beneficial oxygen. The sound of constant moving water is sure to lure your pet away from dripping faucets.

The Drinkwell cat water fountain features a 6 cup capacity - top up with new water as necessary. The unit is entirely self-contained so you don't need to run any external water lines to and from your tap. The cat drinking fountain's built-in charcoal filter helps eliminate unwanted odors or tastes, helping to keep your cat's water fresh and clean.

Drinkwell Pet Fountain for Cats

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  • Cat water fountain filters and aerates continuously moving water to keep it fresher than standing water in a bowl
  • Satisfies your pet's natural desire for moving water
  • Ideal for cats who drink from dripping faucets or are prone to urinary tract or kidney diseases
  • Self-contained cat drinking fountain with adjustable flow rate
  • 6 cup capacity - no overflow in case of a power outage
  • Features a charcoal filter to absorb unwanted odors and tastes
  • Also suitable for small dogs

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11" L X 9" W X 7.25" H
50 oz.
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