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Lee's Hermit Crab Hideaway
Lee's Hermit Crab Hideaway
Lee's Hermit Crab Hideaway
Comes complete with everything you'll need to help keep your pet happy and healthy, and includes easy-to-clean plastic home with great ventilation, convenient carrying handles, and a top feeding window. Sea sponge helps maintain healthy humidity in your hermit crab's home. Also includes decorative plastic plant, natural gravel and hermit hut for a little privacy.

Lee's Hermit Crab Hideaway

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  • The ideal environment for your hermit crab, complete with everything to help keep your pet happy and healthy
  • Easy-to-clean plastic home with great ventilation
  • Includes sea sponge, plastic plant, gravel, hermit hut, reversible background, and a hermit crab food sample

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8" L X 12" W X 7.5" H
SKU: 583332

Lee's Hermit Crab HideAway
$24.99 $19.99

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