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Kent Marine Marine Starter Kit
Kent Marine Marine Starter Kit
Kent Marine Marine Starter Kit
Start-up kit for marine aquariums contains quality products for the three most important functions of marine fishkeeping: pH control or buffering with Pro-Buffer-dKH, trace mineral addition with Essential Elements, and detoxification of tap water and ammonia with Ammonia Detox.

  • Pro-Buffer-dKH. Enhanced Pro-Buffer-dKH with coralline accelerator raises alkalinity or buffering capacity and automatically controls pH in any marine aquarium. An absolute necessity for keeping healthy animals.
  • Essential Elements. A must for fish only and reef systems. Replaces biologically important essential trace minerals which are used by marine fish, invertebrates, and algae, removed through protein skimming, ozone, and especially carbon filtration. Does not contain detrimental heavy metals, phosphates, nitrates, or silicates. Does not promote undesirable algae growth.
  • Ammonia Detox. Neutralizes ammonia, chlorine, and chloramines. Instantly "ages" tap water, allowing immediate addition of water to aquarium. Also use directly in the aquarium to detoxify ammonia. Unlike some similar products, Ammonia Detox is safe for sensitive hard and soft corals, anemones, and other invertebrates, as well as freshwater and marine fish and plants. Phosphate and nitrate free.

Kent Marine Marine Starter Kit

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  • Start-up kit for marine aquariums contains 4 oz. bottles of Pro-Buffer-dKH for pH control and proper buffering, Essential Elements for proper trace mineral addition, and Ammonia Detox to neutralize ammonia, chlorine, and chloramines

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4 fl. oz.
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Kent Marine Marine Starter Kit
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