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Mac's Creations Manzanita Perches

Mac's Creations Manzanita Perches - Soft Natural Bird Perch and Perch for Birds

Mac's Creations Manzanita Perches make for an excellent way to keep your pet birds actively engaged and comfortable within their bird cages. As many pet parents and bird enthusiasts understand, boredom has been known to produce detrimental and unhealthy results in birds and other caged pet companions. This brings forth the importance of keeping your favorite feathered friends active and stimulated. This manzanita bird perch is not just a regular perch, as it can help to promote more physical stimulation for your pet birds. This real manzanita branch offers your pet birds the natural shapes and contours that exercise their legs and feet. For added convenience, this manzanita branch perch for birds can be securely attached to your pet bird's cage simply with a bolt and wing nut. Manzanita branches are widely used in a variety of ways as decorative pieces and accents. Just as their natural appeal can be used to decorate a centerpiece, they can also be used to decorate your bird cage, while at the same time encouraging exercise and physical stimulation for your pet birds. Help to prevent boredom and keep your fine feathered friends engaged with a manzanita perch today.

Mac's Creations Manzanita Perches

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  • Real manzanita branch that serves as a s great bird perch
  • Natural manzanita branch that provides your pet birds with the natural shapes and contours needed for them to exercise their legs and feet
  • Securely and easily attach this perch for birds to a cage with bolt and wing nut

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Mac's Creations Small Manzanita Perch

11" Length
SKU: 504394


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