Marineland Emperor Filter Systems
Marineland Emperor Filter Systems
Marineland Emperor 400 Filter System
For Aquariums up to 80 gallons; 400 GPH; Emperor 400
Now there's a power filter which combines high-end performance and multiple filtration options. Imagine a power filter with two water pumps, each performing a separate role for total aquarium filtration. Introducing The Marineland Filter System. The Emperor delivers over 400 gph--and because the flow is certified accurate, you'll find the Emperor out pumps other filters claiming "up to" much higher flow ratings. There are also four media slots in the Emperor which provide more media options and capacity. The one piece ready-to-use Emperor Cartridge has 45% more mechanical filter area than the largest Rite-Size Cartridge. And, with two ounces of Magnum Activated Carbon there is twice the carbon filtration of any other filter cartridge. Two cartridges are included. Additional chemical filtration can be accomplished using the huge Emperor Media Containers. Each can hold over four ounces of activated carbon or other media of your choice. There are two Media Containers included. Classic wet/dry filtration is provided by two extra large, pleated Bio-Wheels. They're driven by adjustable snap-lock release spray bars. And, with the Emperor's dual pump design, the Bio-Wheels see only pre-filtered water. No other power filter comes close to providing the biological filtration capacity of the Emperor. The Emperor also features a motor with only one moving part, 16" tank opening and an adjustable mid-level intake strainer for maximum circulation within your aquarium. U/L listed. Cleaning brush included.

Marineland Emperor Filter Systems

Internet Price: $64.99   Today's Price: $45.49  (Save 30%)

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  • Unparalleled multi-stage aquarium filter - mechanical, biological, and chemical
  • Includes filter cartridge with twice the carbon capacity, and superior wet/dry Bio-Wheel filtration
  • Emperor fish tank filter system features a revolutionary two-pump design that can stand up to any aquarium or tank
  • Unmatched by other filters in their class

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Marineland Emperor 400 Filter System

For Aquariums up to 80 gallons
400 GPH
Emperor 400
SKU: 226831

Marineland Emperor 400 Filter System
$64.99 $45.49

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Marineland Emperor 400 Filter System
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