Zilla Juvenile Iguana Fortified Daily Diet
Zilla Juvenile Iguana Fortified Daily Diet
Zilla Juvenile Iguana Fortified Daily Diet
6.5 oz.
Kaytee Iguana Food is a formulated diet ensuring superior nutrition for your pet. Iguanas are primarily herbivorous animals, consuming large amounts of plants and flowers in the wild. Kaytee Iguana Food contains flower shaped nuggets with special flower and plant ingredients which provide the nutrients necessary for excellent growth, color, and good health.

Inadequate levels of nutrients may lead to metabolic bone disease in reptiles. Kaytee Iguana Food provides the proper nutrition for your pet. When feeding Kaytee Iguana Food, the need for ultraviolet light is diminished. Broad-spectrum lighting is still recommended to maintain the psychological health of your iguana.

Yucca extract is added to help eliminate strong dropping odors.

Kaytee Iguana Food is designed to be fed to your iguana as its sole diet. Naturally appealing flavors are added to further increase attraction. Formulated and tested in long term feeding trials at the Kaytee Research Center, it is designed to be fed dry. Provide food twice daily, or leave out to simulate the iguana's natural foraging behavior. Grated vegetables may be added occasionally, but are not necessary. Provide clean, fresh water at all times.

Avoid contact of food and bedding, which can increase contamination of food and the likelihood of bedding consumption which may cause intestinal blockage. Maintain a sanitary environment for your iguana at all times.

Zilla Juvenile Iguana Fortified Daily Diet

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  • A tempting mix of plant materials iguanas prefer
  • We have added essential minerals for robust growth, vivid color and good health
  • Convenient, easy to use stay fresh resealable bag
  • Made in the USA

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6.5 oz.
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Zilla Juvenile Iguana Fortified Daily Diet
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